Hypixel Skyblock Talisman Guide

skyblock talisman bag

Accessories are one of the most important Items in the entire Game of Hypixel Skyblock. They provide numerous Buffs, so its highly recommended to get them. This Skyblock talisman guide will teach you the basics about Accessories and tips for higher magic power

What are Accessories

Accessories or Talisman are Items that don’t have a direct Use, but rather a passive. They give different boosts to your Profile. Each Talisman has a different passive Buff, but they all share the same use, of having Magical Power. Talisman only gives Buffs, if they are unique, so you cant buy all the same Talisman over, to maximize gain. They ́re Rarity can be upgraded by using a Recombobulator 3000.

What is Magical Power

Magical Power is a system in Skyblock, which categorizes all Accessories, based on their Rarity. Common Talisman give 3 Magical Power, Uncommon 5 Magical Power, Rare give 8 Magical Power, Epic Talisman give 12, Legendary 16 and Mythic give 22. Additionally Special Talisman like the Sloth Hats give 3 and very Special 5. Magical Power is used to obtain major Buffs at the Thaumaturgist. He is located next to Taylor´s Shop.

skyblock talisman store
  • Thaumaturgist. You can come here to upgrade you talisman bag, change your power and unlock power stone

How to use Magical Power

To use your magical Power, you need to go to the Thaumaturgist and select a Power from him. You can alternatively get 9 Power Stones and obtain new Powers by giving them to him. The higher the Magical Power, the better the Buffs.

How to obtain Talisman

Talisman can be obtained by unlocking Collection Milestones, buying them from NPC´s or the Auction House, crafting them, or dropping them from Mobs, Dungeons or Bosses.

How to store Talisman

Talismans are stored in the so-called “Accessory Bag”. It is unlocked in the Redstone collection. It is highly recommended to max the Redstone Collection, as soon as possible. Afterwards, it can be upgraded by completing the Community Shop Upgrades, completing the Redstone Miner Quest, and afterwards, upgrades need to be bought from Jacobus.

skyblock guy to upgrade your talisman bag
  • Upgrade your Bag Maximum limit here, Each cost around 5m+ coins, will increase price as your slot increases

Best way to start with Talisman

Firstly you want to buy each Talisman from the Adventurer, afterwards you want to get to the Auction House and buy the cheapest Talisman on the Market. There are multiple Discord Bots, where you can let them calculate the cheapest way, to increase you magical Power as much as possible. It is highly recommended to use them and follow their Lists.


Talismans are crucial to your progress in Hypixel Skyblock. Keep an eye out for new talismans, constantly upgrade your gear, and experiment with different combinations to find the best build for your playstyle.

I Hope this Skyblock Talisman guide have helped you! You can also join our discord here for more guide and a Free 25mil giveaway!

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