Hypixel Skyblock How to Cheese Floor 7 Puzzles

hypixel skyblock cheese f7 puzzle

“Cheesing puzzles in Floor 7 and beyond is essential for getting fast Runs in Skyblock.”

What is cheesing?

Cheesing is explained as the Act of completing a Puzzle through a different way, then intended. This is crucial to get a Fast Run with High Score in everything surrounding good Money Making in Dungeons, since that way you make more money in an Hour as you complete more runs.

Equipment for Cheesing

For early Game Cheesing you will need to get a Stonk, which can be bought for 499.999 Coins at the Beginning of the End Island. This is a Golden Pickaxe with Efficiency 6 on it, that way it can instantly break most of the blocks in Dungeons.

If you plan to do Dungeons for Money, then you want to buy a Diamond Pickaxe and apply 5 Helix on it. That way it will be Efficiency 10. By having Efficiency 10 it is able to instantly break every block except for Obsidian in Dungeons.

eff 10 pickaxe for dungeon skyblock

– Diamond pickaxe with eff 10 is considered the best tool for cheesing puzzle on F7

A more budget option is to apply 4 Helix onto a Golden Pickaxe, though this way you cannot break Iron Blocks, preventing you from doing specific Secret Routes.

How to cheese

There are two Options for Cheesing. Both of them have different Benefits to them:

  1. Creating a Ghost Pickaxe

You can Create a Ghost Pickaxe by going into your Inventory, placing your Pickaxe next to a non Consumable/Deployable, hovering your Mouse over the Item and then first pressing the Hotbar Key for the Pickaxe, quickly followed by the other one. That way on the old Item Spot a “Ghost Pickaxe” is created, temporarily replacing your Item from before. This Pickaxe is able to permanently break the Blocks on the Client Side (Only for your Game). This way you can easily interact with the Chest.

  1. Mining the Block normally

This way you just mine the Blocks in between you and the Chest. At the same time, you want to interact with the chest, ´being able to open it.

Bomb Defuse

skyblock dungeons creeper puzzle cheese

The Bomb Defuse puzzle is the most difficult Puzzle in the Entirety of Dungeons, since it requires perfect Communication between two Players. Therefore you have two options to cheese Bomb Defuse. 

  1. Efficiency 10

You can utilize your Efficiency 10 Pickaxe to break the two Iron Gates in front of the Creeper and the two Chests. Then you start the Puzzle by having High Speed and running in between the two Pressure Plates. After that you can start it and interact with the chests immediately afterwards.

  1. Stonking

Alternatively you can start the Puzzle, create a two Block high Hole one Block above the ground. Then you can spam your Bonzo Staff at a small Angle to the ground and you get knocked back into the next wall. You repeat this process until you arrive at the Pressure Plates at the End, where you step on them to open the Room and get both chests.

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