Hypixel Skyblock Crystal Nucleus Guide

The Divans Alloy in skyblock crystal nucleus

Skyblock crystal nucleus is a very important Aspect for Mining. It represents the Core of the Crystal Hollows and has some of the rarest Loot in all of Skyblock.

What is the Crystal Nucleus
Picture of the Crystal Nucleus
  • Crystal Nucleus

The Crystal Nucleus is the Core of the Crystal Hollows. It is located in the middle of the Crystal Hollows and alway stays at 512 106 512. It is the home to the „Divans Alloy“, a Legendary Item, needed to upgrade the DRX-655 to the Divans Drill. From the Crystal Nucleus, all 5 Biomes can be reached easily. 

How to get to the Crystal Nucleus

There are multiple ways to get to the Nucleus. You can either walk there, visit Players with a Nucleus Portal and be teleported there or unlock the Travelscroll by completing 750 Commissions. 

How to get rewards from Crystal Nucleus

To recieve rewards from the Crystal Nucleus, you need to bring all the 5 Main Crystals to the Nucleus and place them onto their respective Holster. To get them oyu need to complete different Tasks.

Jade Crystal

Picture of the Mines of Divan

To get the Jade Crystal, you need to find the Mines of Divan, where you want to talk to one of the 4 Dwarfs. He will tell you that you need to find 4 Lost Tools and bring them to the 4 different Dwarfs. Afterwards you receive a Metal Detector, which will give different SOund outputs, depending on your Distance to the Treasure. When you reach the Treasure, it can be opened and you have a chance to receive a Tool. Once you find every Tool, you want to get back to the Dwarfs and give them their Tool. Afterwards , there will be The Jade Crystal, ready to be collected. 

Sapphire Crystal
Picture of the Precursor City in skyblock crystal nucleus
  • Precursor City

To get the Sapphire Crystal, you need to gain the 6 Roboton Parts and give them to Professor Robot. The Parts in Question are the Synthetic Heart, Control Switch, Superlite Motor, Robotron Reflector the FTX 3070 and an Electron Transmitter. You can either buy them or get them by killing the Automatons in the Crystal Hollows. They have a base 1% Drop Chance.

Amber Crystal
Picture of the Kings Holdout

To obtain the Amber Crystal, you need to first get 3 of any Goblin Eggs. Afterwards you want to find the Goblin King. He will give you an Effect, which lets you walk right into the Crystal Chamber, in the Center of the Goblin Queen´s Den. Be aware though, as the effect will be removed once you touch water. It also only lasts for a limited time.

Amethyst Crystal

Picture of the Jungle Temple
  • Photo Amethyst Crystal

Reach the Amethyst Crystal

you need to firstly get a Jungle Key, by either killing the Key Guardian, getting 100 Sludge Juice and giving them to Odawa in the Jungle Village. They can alternatively be bought from the Bazaar. After you have a Jungle Key, you want to make your way to the Jungle Temple. There you need to give them to the Guards. They will open up the Emerald Gate and you need to complete the Jump and Run. You can alternatively build a Cheese spot right under the Crystal, by digging out a 2 Block tall Part under the Crystal and place cobblestone under the Crystal. Then you want to get onto the Armadillo Pet, look right up, jump and right Click. After getting the Crystal you want to warp out of there or run out with the Armadillo.

Topaz Crystal

Topaz Crystal in hypixel skyblock
  • Topaz Crystal Boss

You obtain this Crystal by defeating Bal in the Khazad-Dum. Bal is a Hit based Boss, so you need to hit him a specific amount of times to kill him. To achieve this, it is recommended to use a Shortbow, as they get a lot of hits onto the Boss.


To efficiently do these Runs you need to prepare a bit.

  1. Buy all the Roboton Parts for the amount of Runs and buy around 32 Goblin eggs.
  2. Mine the exact amount of Tools in the Mines of Divan, to safe time there.
  3. Bomb-Omb your way from the Nucleus to each Crystal location.
  4. Build a Cheese Spot under the Amnethyst Crystal.
  5. Make sure to have a Weapon to warp around and use a Mana Build to get to the places the fastest. 

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