Hypixel Skyblock How to Pre Devices in the Floor 7 Boss Fight

Getting done with Devices in the Floor Seven Boss Fight is one of the most important Parts of getting a Low Time in Floor Seven and therefore getting S+. The best way to get done with Devices is called “Pre Devicing” (Pre Dev).

skyblock floor 7 dev

What is Pre Deving?

Pre Deving describes the act of getting into the Phase 3 Area of Goldor during Phase 2 (Storm)and almost complete Devices 2 and Three. This way you can get the devices done more efficiently than in normal Floor 7. This way you are able to get your Runs done faster.

Equipment for Pre Deving

minecraft diamond pickaxe in floor 7
  1. Efficiency 10 Diamond Pickaxe
  2. Wither Cloak Sword
  3. Bonzo Staff
  4. Jerry-Chine-Gun

How to Pre Dev

Firstly, you want to pick Healer, since you can help your team with your Ultimate Ability called “Wish”, to heal them, even when you are not near them. That way, when your Team calls for “Wish” you can use your Ultimate Ability.To Pre Dev you will (at the beginning of Storm Phase) be Ghost Picking the central Blocks of the Red Pillar in the lower area of the Arena.

skyblock dungeon f7 pre dev

– Pickaxe location

This way you can jump through the Blocks into the clear Pipe that leads to Goldors Factory. In there you want to make your way to the first Gate and stand on the outer lower Staircase. From there you want to mine that Staircase Block and the Blocks infront of you, so you can get through the Blocks

skyblock dungeon f7 dev boss phase 2

Then you want to go to the Second Device (Lights) and almost fully complete it, by leaving 1 Light Block off.

skyblock dungeons light dev

– 2nd Dev, Complete everything and leave one light off

That way, you just need to get 1 more Move and then the device is finished. Afterwards you want to go to the next chamber and again almost fully complete that device(Arrows) by leaving one Arrow not switched the right way

After that you finally want to leap back to your teammates and proceed with Goldors Phase by doing the Terminals and moving along.

Advantages of Pre Dev

The Advantage of Pre Deving is that you can be more productive during Storm Phase or you can be able to not just run around during Storm Phase. Also you can get into Party Finder easily and your Money per Hour can be increased, since you complete more Runs in a shorter time. Lastly, you can easily gain Healer Class XP without playing Master Mode. That way, when starting with Master Mode you can play Healer faster, since you are faster at a higher level.

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