How to play Specialist/DPS in Hypixel Skyblock kuudra

To play Kuudra you need to have specialists to achieve anything in the Boss, since they will be responsible for most of the Action in the Fight.

skybock bow in kuudra

What is Specialist/DPS

Specialist/DPS is the second Component of the Kuudra Boss Fight. Your job is Fishing up the supplies that spawn in the Lava at the beginning by using a Lava Rod to pull them towards you. After picking them up you will need to get to the middle and put them on their Spots, marked by a Hologram. After all 6 Supplies were fished up, you want to buy the Ballista Mechanic Perk and build up the Ballista. Afterwards your Job switches depending on the Tier of Kuudra, you are playing.


In Basic and Hot Tier Kuudra you fish up the Ballista Fuel like with the Supplies. The only change is that you only need to fish up to 4. Before firing the Ballista hit as many Energy Chunks into Kuudra as you can. The Ballista will be fired at around 40% Health.


In Burning and Fiery, instead of fishing up the Fuel, you want to reach one of the Two lower Platforms next to Kuudra. There you will switch to Terror Armor (Preferably with Precursor Eye) and shoot it with a Juju or Terminator Shortbow. This DPS Phase is based on the Hits, Kuudra reserves, so you want to get as many Arrows onto Kuudra as physically possible, after the Stunner stunned Kuudra. To make this easier you will need Twilight Arrow Poison or Toxic Arrow Poison (budget) and shoot Kuudra with them in your Inventory. This way Kuudra gets more Damage Ticks in. 


In Infernal Kuudra after that Phase, you will be teleported into Kuudra´s Chamber, where you will constantly shoot at Kuudra with your Bow. There, Kuudra will be killed and the Run is completed.


Specialist Gear:

  • Lava Rod
  • Remote Shop
  • Pet Based on your Damage Style (Mage or Melee)
  • Armor Based on your Damage Style (Mage or Melee)
  • Molten Equipment


  • Juju or Terminator
  • Twilight or Toxic Arrow Poison
  • Terror Armor
  • (Precursor Eye)

Infernal Gear

  • Duplex/Fatal Tempo Term
  • Wither Impact Weapon 
  • LVL 200 Golden Dragon + 1B Bank
  • Last Breath
  • Fiery+ Terror with Dominance and Lifeline
  • Fiery+ Aurora Armor
  • Toxic Arrow Poison

Advice From SkyHea

If you want to get your runs done fast, try getting your supplies as fast as possible, since that way, you can get to building the Ballista faster, with less Enemies bothering you. So it is advised to get Pickup speed Perk and kill the Tentacles. Also what can happen is that you are in a Spot, where you can’t pick up the Supply in the Time needed, when for instance Kuudra is next to you. There you would want to get to the next Supply and come back to it when Kuudra is submerged.
For Equipment it is best to focus on the Specialist Gear and afterwards the DPS Gear, since there are 2 other DPS, who can deal Damage too. Also Practice will help out a lot, since that way you automatically pick up Knowledge or get better with your overall Skill.

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