How to play Crow Control/Stun in Hypixel SkyBlock

Crowd Control/Stun is a very important Role in the Bossfight against Kuudra and therefore crucial for making Money with Kuudra.

kuudra stun

What is Crowd Control/Stun?

Crowd Control/Stun is commonly shortened to CC/Stun and as the Name suggests consists of 2 Components. The Job is to Kill all the Enemy´s that Kuudra spawns throughout the fight, so the rest of the Team can Safely fish up the supplies and build the Ballista. After that the Role gets split up into two Parts, depending on the Tier.


In Basic and Hot Tier Kuudra your Job doesn’t change, as you kill the Enemy ́s and knock Energy Chunks into Kuudra. Your primary objective here are the Energy Chunks and your Teammates. 


In Burning and Fiery Tier the Stun comes into play. You buy “human cannonball” at the shop after the Ballista is built and shoot yourself into Kuudra by aiming at him. After that you will be teleported into Kuudra itself, where there are multiple “Pods” where you need to break one of them. To achieve that, you want to maximize your Mining Speed through all means and activate the “Mining Speed Boost” ability unlocked at HOTM 2. Then you will stand at the Pod and mine 2 Blocks in order to break it. During this Process Enemies called “Magma Bacteria” will spawn and damage you.

skyblock kuudra monster

Since you bought the Crowd Control Role before, you are immune to their knockback. After breaking the Pod you want to get out of Kuudra by teleporting to the Black Tentacles at the Wall of the Room. Ideally your team is able to kill Kuudra through DPS in that 1 Stun. If it isn’t, you need to wait until Kuudra is no longer submerged and then buy the Perk again and repeat the Process. To instantly stun Kuudra you will need 35.000 Mining speed. 


In Infernal Tier after you stun Kuudra once and then throw an ender pearl or use “Tactical Insertion” to stay in Kuudra while the rest of your Team gets teleported into Kuudra´s Chamber. Once you know they are in, you stun Kuudra again and they DPS Phase him once more.

skyblock kuudra set


Gear needed for Crow Control are:

  • Wither Impact Weapon
  • 3/4 Aurora with Wither Goggles
  • Lava Rod
  • Remote Shop
  • Lvl 100 Sheep
  • Gauntlet of Contagion
  • Implosion Belt
  • Sighted Reforge for Int


  • HOTM 7 
  • 1.76m Mithril Powder for Mining Speed on LVL 50
  • 3.69m Gemstone Powder for Mining Speed 2 on LVL 50
  • Gemstone Gauntlet/DRX-655/Divans Drill

Gear for Infernal:

  • Fatal Tempo Terminator
  • LVL 200 Golden Dragon +1B Bank
  • Ender Pearl/Tactical Insertion

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