Hypixel Skyblock Crimson Isle Money Making Methods

SKyblock coins is arguably one of the most important Parts of Hypixel Skyblock, and the Crimson Isle lies full of treasures. Since the Crimson Isle is one of the Biggest Islands, this will be divided into 3 Different Parts.

skyblock crimson isle coin

Early Game

In the Early Game you can make good money from killing Magma Cubes in the Crimson Fields. That way you get Magma Chunks, which can be crafted into Searing Stones, which can be sold for up to 10 Million coins per Hour. Alternatively you can craft them into Magma Necklaces and potentially get God Roll Magma Necklaces like Mana Pool/Mana Regeneration, which can be sold for way more Money. This way you can potentially make 15 to 20 Million coins per Hour, though it is very RNG reliant, so it is best to craft Searing Stones for consistency.

Mine Mycelium or Red Sand

Alternatively you can mine Mycelium or Red Sand for money. This can make 7 to 8 Million Coins per Hour, but unlocks you both collections which are insanely useful. For later in the Game and give a decent amount of Skyblock Experience. You want to have a flat Area and be able to get the most out of your space, so you have the best rates.

skyblock crimson isle map
  • For Mycelium you want to go behind Scarleton beyond the Mage Outlaw.
crimson isle location to mine sand
  • For Red Sand you want to go beyond Dragontail toward the Dragon Skeleton.

Mid Game

For Mid game Crimson Isle profit, you want to farm the Mini Boss Barbarian Duke X. He drops the Leather Cloth. With 100.000 Collection, you unlock the Gauntlet of Contagion, which is crafted with 36 Leather Cloths and sells for around 10 Million Coins, dependent on the Market. You can kill him easily by utilizing the Wither Impact Ability and spam it under his Arena. He will not damage you that way, unless something interferes with the Strategy. This way you can make upwards of 25 Million Coins per Hour. This can be done most efficiently with another Person doing the same thing. That way one Person switches lobbies, warps the other one in, both people kill the Mini Boss and the process is repeated.

You can also look into Crimson Isle Lava fishing, this can give you a lot of fishing xp and up to 50mil an hour profit with the right set up, Make sure your fishing level is over 30 to make Lava fishing Efficient.

Mooshroom Bull Farming

Alternatively you can make a decent amount of money, by killing the Mooshroom Bull and crafting the “Digested Mushroom” into Mooshroom Cow Pets. That way you can make around 20 to 25 Million Coins Per Hour. They spawn in the Mystic Marsh and spawn in a group of around 3 Cows per Spot.

End Game

For Late Game your best Option is to go play Kuudra. That way you can make up to 40 Million Coins per Hour. Basically you want to be able to get God Rolls and get a permanent Party, that you can get good with together. It is best to inform yourself deeper on that Topic, since this is a very End Game Money Making Method.

crimson isle boss

I hope this Skyblock Crimson Isle money making guide have helped you! You can also join our discord here for more info and a 25mil coin giveaway!

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