Hypixel Skyblock lava fishing guide

Lava fishing is a late game fishing method, Update of Crimson Isle introduced attributes like Fishing Speed and Double Hook are recommended for Lava Fishing. These attributes enhance your fishing experience by either speeding up the fishing process or improving your catch rate. The minimum fishing level required for Lava Fishing is 20, while a fishing level of 24 is recommended

Hypixel skyblock lava fishing location

Lava Fishing:

Lava Fishing is a unique method that is not as well-known or lucrative as its variant, worm fishing. Here’s a breakdown of what you need and how to go about it:

  1. Required Items: Lava rods are essential for this method.
  2. Recommended Baits: Fish Bait is the recommended bait for Lava Fishing.
  3. How To: You can engage in Lava Fishing by fishing in lava sources, excluding those where you can fish up Flaming Worms. Instead, you’ll fish up Lava Blaze and Lava Pigmen. For maximum efficiency, constructing a box similar to the one used in worm fishing is suggested.
  4. Avoiding Heat Damage: If you wish to avoid heat damage while fishing, standing in the Magma Fields with a Bal Pet equipped with a Washed-Up Souvenir is an option. This setup might not be the best for increasing Fishing Speed or Sea Creature Chance, but it provides heat immunity which is very useful for Lava Fishing.
  5. Pet Rules: Similar pet rules as mentioned in squid fishing are applicable here. For example, equipping a Squid Pet when you kill a Pigman or a Blaze, and a Flying Fish Pet when you throw a fishing hook are some conditions to follow for better results​​.

Magma Fishing Progression:

Magma Fishing progression and Trophy Fishing are part of the Lava Fishing experience. Catching Trophy Fish in unique ways and maximizing your collection over time can earn you rewards like the Odger’s Teeth Talisman as you progress in Trophy Fishing​.

Additional Tips for Lava Fishing:

  • When engaging in Lava Fishing, aim to fish for blazes/pigmen to maximize your XP gain. It’s crucial to find a pool where you can fish into lava while standing outside the heat boundary to avoid taking heat damage​.
  • Although Lava Fishing is not the most profitable, with a range of 500k-1m in money per hour, it’s a viable method for making money, especially in the early game. The title of making 10m per hour is deemed misleading, and the calculations do not account for fishing speed and may deviate for players with fishing level 20 or a low mining level​.
  • For Trophy Fishing within Lava Fishing, it’s beneficial to have Fishing Speed and Trophy Hunter attributes. If focusing on obfuscated fish, swapping Fishing Speed to Fisherman is advised​.

I hope this Skyblock Lava fishing guide was helpful!
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