Hypixel Skyblock Zombie Slayer Guide

Zombie Slayer is known as the easiest Slayer quest line in Hypixel Skyblock and is famous for having one of the most items of any slayer as well as some of the most powerful ones. It’s unique for having a Tier V boss which you’ll need to defeat to earn Zombie Slayer XP and unlock some of the most powerful items/talismans in the game.

Hypixel skyblock zombie slayer location

Gear and Strategies for Different Tiers:

  1. Tier I (500 Health, 15 Damage)
    • Gear: Undead Sword with some level of Smite, and early-game armor set like Rosetta’s Armor or Lapis Armor.
    • Strategy: This tier is very easy and doesn’t require much preparation​​.
  2. Tier II (20,000 Health, 25 Damage)
    • Gear: Undead Sword or Aspect of the End/Raider Axe for better damage. Armor such as Lapis Armor or Rosetta’s Armor with Protection V and Growth V enchantments, or Hardened Diamond Armor.
    • Strategy: Focus on dealing damage as Zombie Slayer is more about healing abilities. If needed, get a Wand of Healing for extra support​​.
  3. Tier III (400,000 Health, 120 Damage)
    • Gear: Aspect of the End, Aspect of the Dragons, or Flower of Truth for higher damage. Hardened Diamond Armor, Ender Armor, or Dragon Armor (Strong or Unstable) is recommended.
    • Strategy: Defeating the boss quickly is crucial to avoid its Enrage ability which significantly increases its attack range and damage​.
  4. Budget Gear for Tier V
    • Gear: Full ancient werewolf set with a tiger pet. An epic tiger pet with a turtle shellmet is also a good choice if on a budget.
    • Strategy: This budget-friendly guide is for players who may have lower skill averages or fewer talismans​.

General Tips:

  • Armor like Rev set with 2k kills, Wise, or any dragon set is good, and for swords, anything that does over 10k damage will work. If you’re using magic find, use level 3 as tier 3s don’t drop good items anyway​.
  • If you’re a beginner, aim to reach Wolf Slayer level 2 to unlock the Radiant Power Orb recipe, then grind Zombie Slayer to unlock the Revenant Falchion recipe for quicker zombie kills​.
  • For all T4 Slayer Bosses, using potions like regen 7, crit 3, strength 5, and splash stamina 3 during the fight can be helpful. Save mana using crystal or wise armor to continue healing throughout the fight​.

I hope this Skyblock Zombie Slayer guide helped you 😀
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