Hypixel Skyblock Tarantula Slayer Guide

Skyblock Tarantula Slayer is a Slayer Quest that revolves around killing spiders, and ultimately, defeating the Tarantula Broodfather. To unlock the Tarantula Slayer quest, you’ll need to slay a Tier II Revenant Horror.


  • Burning Desert: Outside of Dragontail on the Crimson Isle, you can find Lv80 Flaming Spiders in the Burning Desert
  • Arachne’s Burrow: This place is the most common one for people doing Spider Slayers. The mobs are easier to kill and provide a good amount of XP per spider

Recommended Gear:

  • Armor: Rev set with 2k kills, Wise armor, or any dragon set for early to mid-game. For higher-tier Slayer quests, you might want to consider Tarantula Armor or Zombie Knight Chestplate along with 2/4ths SA (Strong Dragon Armor)​.
  • Weapons: Anything that does over 10k damage for the early game. For spawning and dealing with minibosses, a Livid Dagger, Spider Queen’s Stinger, or Explosive Bow is recommended. For the main fight against the boss, Livid Dagger or Aspect of the Dragons (AOTD) are solid choices​​.
  • Pets: Uncommon Griffin, Wolf, or Leg Tarantula pets are good options​​.
  • Accessories: A Crystallised Heart and Wand of Mending could come in handy, especially in more challenging fights​.


  • For very early game, if you do less than 7k damage, stick to Spider Slayer T3. Mid-Mid Early game players with at least a Livid Dagger should tackle T4 quests​.
  • During the fight, spawn with Spider Queen’s Stinger or Explosive Bow, and kill the minibosses with a sword like a Livid Dagger or AOTD. If having trouble surviving, swap to some Tarantula Armor pieces. Get your back against a wall and spam click your sword, rinse and repeat​​.
  • Tip: Set your RNG meter to Toxic arrow poison if you don’t want to lose money​​.

I hope this Skyblock Tarantula Slayer guide helped you!
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