Hypixel skyblock Enderman Slayer guide

Enderman Slayer quests involve fighting against Enderman bosses with various tiers, each having its own level of difficulty. Throughout the quests, you’ll encounter certain minibosses that spawn randomly, granting large amounts of Combat XP upon defeat. This slayer is great for money making and unlocking the 2 most powerful bows in the game, Juju / Terminator.

Hypixel skyblock end island for eman slayer

Gear Recommendations (Low Budget):

  • General: A low-budget setup can get you started with Enderman slayers. Recommended gear includes a warden helmet, OfA Atomsplit Katana, and Ender Dragon pet for tier 4​​.


The mobs associated with Enderman Slayer quests are found in various locations within Hypixel Skyblock’s “The End” realm:

  1. The End: This location hosts Endermen (levels 42-50) that, upon defeat, yield combat XP ranging from 28 to 36 points​​.
  2. Dragon’s Nest: Here, you can find Zealots (level 55) which provide 40 combat XP upon defeat​​.
  3. Void Sepulchure: This is where the more formidable adversaries reside: Voidling Fanatics (level 85) and Voidling Extremists (level 100). Defeating a Voidling Fanatic grants 110 combat XP, while taking down a Voidling Extremist rewards a substantial 750 combat XP​​.
    (This place is the best for grinding Eman slayer)

T1 Enderman Slayer:

  • Boss Health: 300,000 HP.
  • Recommended Gear: Any weapon dealing 50,000 – 300,000 damage, although an Ender Dragon pet is highly recommended for its 25% increased damage to end mobs​​.

T2 Enderman Slayer:

  • Hitshield Phase: Use a weapon with the ‘Raise Souls Ability’ to summon tank zombies or M1 Undeads to help bypass the hitshield phase.
  • Mana: Have a mana set, like necrotic Wise Dragon Armor or necrotic Necromancer Lord.
  • Recommended Gear: At least 3/4ths Necron and a Warden’s or Reaper mask, with an Ender artefact and/or Ender relic. For healing, Wand of Atonement or (optionally) a Wither Blade with Wither Impact or Wither Shield ability is recommended.
  • Pets: Baby Yeti or Ender Dragon; use Blue Whale if on a tight budget.
  • Weapon: A weapon that deals at least 750k per hit, like the Recombobulated, One for All Fabled Giants Sword, paired with an ability swap from the Void Edge/Vorpal Katana​3​.

T3 Enderman Slayer:

  • Gear & Weapon: Similar to T2, but use Vorpal Katana and/or ability swap from the Giant’s Sword. Elegant Tuxedo Chestplate can help if struggling with damage.
  • Recommended Pet: Ender Dragon, although Yeti can also be used.
  • Fight Strategy: Focus on Yang Glyphs and Nukekubi Fixations by either looking at them or punching them until you can use atom split​​.

T4 Enderman Slayer:

  • Gear: Warden’s with a tux chestplate and 2/4ths Necron.
  • Weapon: Atom Split Katana to deal about 2-4 million damage per hit.
  • Recommended Pet: Ender Dragon, although Yeti can also work​​.

High-End Gear Recommendations (For Efficient Runs):

  • T4 Enderman Setup: Full Final Destination (with 25k+ kills), Atomsplit Katana (Normal t6/7 enchants + Fabled + Recomb), Wand of Atonement (Ult Wise 5), and Overflux/Plasmaflux Flux Power Orb. Change the pets to EHP pet instead of Eman pet​​.

Other Tips:

  • Beacon Mechanic: During the fight, the boss occasionally holds a beacon. You have 5 seconds to move to it and stand by it to make it disappear, or you’ll die instantly​
  • Power/Plasma flux orbs are super helpful, You can checkout our Wolf slayer guide here for unlocking them!

I hope this Hypixel Skyblock Eman Slayer guide helped you out!
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