Hypixel Skyblock Blaze Slayer Guide

Blaze Slayer was introduced on April 20th, 2022, with the Crimson Isle Release, and it involves slaying Blazes and defeating the Inferno Demonlord​. It’s a fantastic way to make money, especially for mid, late, and endgame players, with potential earnings of 17-18m/hr from T2 Blaze and even 40-50m/hr with T4 Blaze if done right.

Hypixel skyblock blaze slayer

Gear Recommendations:

  • General Gear: Warden Helmet, Frozen Blaze or Crimson armor, and a Sorrow Chestplate to deal with the boss’s high true damage output​​.
  • Weapons: T2 or T3 Daggers, with Deathripper being a highly recommended upgrade for T3 Daggers. Additionally, a healing weapon like a Florid Sword and a Wither Cloak Sword for pillars are advisable​.
  • Pets: Tiger or Damage Pet for budget players, but a Leg Blaze or Gdrag is better if you can afford it​​.
  • Talismans: Aim for 700+ magic power, but preferably 900-1000+ good talismans​.
  • A Mana/Power/Plasma Flux orb is also super helpful in restoring mana, health and increasing damage. You can also checkout our Wolf Slayer guide here!

T4 Blaze Strategy:

  • Phase 1 & 2: Should be easy if you’re geared properly.
  • Phase 3: This is where it gets challenging. Aiming for 82+ Attack Speed is highly recommended for this phase. Use your gyro and wither blade when your health is low, but avoid hitting the boss with implosion as it could teleport high into the air, making the fight more difficult. Ensure you land as many hits as possible with both daggers for effective healing and damage output​.
skyblock blaze boss location

Budget Strategy:

If you’re on a tight budget, there’s a “hole strat” where once the blaze is in the hole, you kill it. If the boss doesn’t spawn, you repeat this process. If you encounter a BS Demon as your final blaze, hit its health down to ~20m (~10m with Mawdredge Dagger) before putting it in the hole.

I hope this skyblock blaze slayer guide helped you!
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