Hypixel Skyblock attribute price tool

If you’ve been grinding away on the Crimson Isle and collecting Attribute Shards, you’ve probably wondered is there a easy tool that let youcheck the price of each attribute price. Skyhea have made a real-time attribute price tool that scans the Auction house to provide real-time price update!

You can access it here: https://hea.tools/
(Released Oct. 22, 2023)
(Next update before Oct. 27, 2023)

Understanding Attribute Shards Value

Why Attribute Shards have varying values? Their value depends on:

  1. Rarity: Some shards are harder to come by than others.
  2. Demand: Attributes that offer greater benefits in combat or other gameplay aspects are often in higher demand.
  3. Upgradability: Shards that can be upgraded to higher levels (e.g., from Level 1 to Level 10) can fetch higher prices.

Hypixel Skyblock Attribute Price Tool

Our Skyblock attribute tool is fully website based and does not require users to install any mod. We have a few key features:

  1. Real-Time Updates: The tool fetches prices from in-game auction house every minute to update the real-time price
  2. Clean UI: With a clean design and easy-to-use filters, you can find the price of any attribute in seconds.
  3. Historical Data: Track price trends over time. You could track if the price of an attribute is affected by the mayor, updates, and special events. Potentially making a flip from them.

How to Use the Tool

  1. Access the Tool: You can find our Skyblock Attribute Price Tool on: https://hea.tools/
  2. Search for an Attribute: Type in the name of the attribute you’re interested in.
  3. Lowest Bin Price: The tool will display the current average price, Lowest, and Highest on different attribute level.
  4. Historical price chart: You can drag around the graph to zoom-in and zoom-out to view the historical price of specific Attribute shard.
Hypixel skyblock breeze attribute requirements

– Attributes have kuudra completion requirements, Make sure you can use them before buying them!

I hope this Skyblock attribute tool will help you 😀
You can also checkout our Attribute guide and Discord Server here

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