Hypixel Skyblock Attribute guide

Attribute Shards are special buffs exclusive to certain items you can find on the Crimson Isle on hypixel skyblock. Think of them like enchantments. They can boost your stats or give other cool bonuses like increased Skill XP, Health regeneration, and more. Whenever you create an item that supports these attributes, it will automatically come with two random ones at level 1.

Hypixel skyblock the entrence of crimson isle

How to Obtain Attribute Shards?

You’ll find these attributes shards included in various items you get from the Crimson Isle or Kuudra loot chests. When you obtain an item from kuudra, it will automatically have two random attributes at level 1 added to it.

Upgrading Your Shards

You can upgrade your Attribute Shards up to level 10. To do this, you’ll need to combine your item with another similar item or an Attribute Shard that has at least one matching attribute. The process is pretty similar to combining Enchantments in an Anvil.

To access the Attribute Fusion menu to combine attributes, visit Igor or Alwin on the Crimson Isle.

Hypixel skyblock attribute upgrade npc

– Alwin is located next to the mage Community Center

To find the full list of latest Skyblock attributes, You can visit the official skyblock wiki on https://wiki.hypixel.net/Attributes

Attribute Price Tool: You can also use our attribute value tool to find the lowest bin price of a specific attribute real-time.
(This tool is fully web-based and does not require any mod, view full post)

Tips & Tricks

  1. Combining: Only combine shards of the same type. For example, you can combine two “Life Regen” shards, but not a “Life Regen” and a “Life Recovery”.
  2. Swapping Attributes: You can swap attributes between different armor sets. This means if you’ve maxed out one set, you can always transfer its attributes to another in the future.
  3. Attributes on Equipment: Don’t forget that you can also add attribute shards to your equipment! This gives an extra layer of customization and power.

I hope this hypixel skyblock Attribute guide helped you!
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