Hypixel Skyblock wolf Sven slayer guide

Sven Slayer is a key progression activity in Hypixel Skyblock. It helps you unlock the most important items in the game, boost your stats, and get better gear. Wolf Slayer gives you access to more items and improves your gameplay. In this guide, we will talk about the locations, Setups, and optimization of Sven Slayer

hypixel skyblock howling cave


  • Ruins on Hub Island spawn lower level wolves great for slayer level 1-3
  • For higher level health, Head to the park and use a Super TNT to open the wall around the little waterfall

Starter/Cheapest setup:

  • Mastif armor + Legendary whale + Pooch Sword
  • crimson armor + aotd (aspect of the dragon) with One for all enchantment

    Mastif armor is a very budget armor that will provide you with a ton of health to tank through the T4 boss phase!

Mid game faster setup:

  • Necron armor with Livid dagger, or other general high damage swords (Ex. Giant’s sword, Shadow Furry, Flower of the Truth). Along with Legendary wolf pet to tank out damage and help spawns the boss faster!

Highest Magic Find setup:

  • This set up will be extremely expensive for late game players to max out their magic find during Sven
  • Armor: 3/4 Sorrow set or full set preferably with renown reforge. If you have a problem killing the boss you could switch the head in with Warden’s helmet for more damage to the Sven boss.
  • Pet: You could use a Golden Dragon for maximum magic find, Replaceable with black cat if you can not afford it
  • Weapon: Chimera 5 Deadulus axe would boost your Magic find with your maximum
    (Personally i would get around 320 magic find with this set up)
    (Make sure your talisman is switched to magic find aswell!)

General tips with Skyblock Sven Slayer:

  • Use the wolf pet during the spawn phase for faster spawning, This is automatable using the auto pet rule, Set it to spawn Wolf pet during start of the slayer quest and Make it spawn your Magic find or Damage pet during the boss phase
  • The howling cave are mostly crowed with a lot of people. Killing people’s sven boss will give you half of the xp you need to spawn the boss
  • You could also checkout our Blaze slayer guide 😀

I hope this Skyblock sven slayer guide helped you out!
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