Hypixel Skyblock ultimate mining guide

Mining is a very useful skill in Hypixel skyblock. It gives you you a maximum of 105 Extra ❈ Defence and a maximum of 240 ☘ Mining Fortune. Hotm is also a requirement for some of the talismans! In this Skyblock mining guide, we will discuss how to progress in Mining!

1. Early Game Mining
  • Hub mining: Begin with the basics like mining level 1 gold and iron until level 5.
  • Deep Caverns/Gold Mine: Spend around 30 minutes grinding ores until you have reached mining level 12.
  • First Pickaxe: Craft a diamond pickaxe. Add enchantments if you have some extra coins.

Once you have reached mining level 12.

Materials You Need:

  • Grab 10 enchanted items from the mines. The easiest picks? Lapis, Redstone, and Coal. Or buy them all from Bazaar for around 60k coins

Once you’ve gathered these, it’s time to unlock the Dwarven Mines at the bottom of the deep caverns.

2. Mithril and Titanium
  • Roam around the Dwarven Mines. Here, you’ll find huge veins of mithril ore (looks like prismarine if no texture pack).
  • white block spawned after breaking mithril ore is called titanium. But you’ll need a stronger pickaxe for this!
3. Pickaxe Power and Block Strength

Every mining item has a ‘breaking power’ and each block has a ‘block strength’.

– You can find the basic Pickaxe shop NPC from the entrance of the Dwarwin mine.

This starter shop offers many early-game mining pickaxes specifically for breaking Mithrils and Titianiums around the Dwarmin mine

Tip: If you can’t break a block, the game will tell you. To mine titanium, consider getting a better pickaxe from the Dwarven shop. There are multiple pickaxes to choose from, offering various power levels.

4. Upgrading with Heart of the Mountain (HOTM)

Hypixel skyblock Heart of the Mountain is your personal skill tree for mining. be careful with each slot you unlock!

Each perk gives a massive stat boost to your mining skill in general

  • Starting Out: You begin at level 1. Use your token to unlock perks and boost your mining speed.
  • Level Up: Gain HOTM XP by completing commissions from the King in the throne room. For instance, you need 3,000 XP for level 2.

To progress on the Hotm(heart of the mountains) you would want to do the daily commissions every day as it gives you an extra 900 Hotm XP for the first 5 every day!

5. Exploring Crystal Hollows

By the time you’re at HOTM level 3, you can unlock Crystal Hollows – the big league of mining areas. But before diving in, consider leveling up to HOTM 5 for better gear.

If you are just simply going for unlocking Hotm 7 and not considering mining for profit after. I would suggest sticking around with Pickonimbus 2000. (It gives you a higher mining speed than most of the expensive drills)

Pickonimbus 2000 (Don’t forget to enchant them for mining speed and fortunes)

6. Tips for Faster Progress:
  • Invest in the efficient miner perk when you hit level 4. It’s a game-changer.
  • Participate in random events every 20 minutes for some bonus XP.
  • Make sure to claim commissions after you have finished them! They do not auto-claim

I hope this hypixel skyblock mining guide helped you! if you need help with anything, You can join our discord here!

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