Hypixel skyblock general tips for the game

1. Getting Started:
  • Start Early: starting early in Hypixel Skyblock will give you an edge. Understand the game mechanics and resources available.
2. Understanding the Market:
  • Always keep an eye on the Bazaar and Auction House. This will help you understand the demand and supply, allowing you to buy low and sell high to gain massive profits from flipping!
3. Coding & Modding:
  • Use your coding skills to your advantage. Create or use existing mods that can help automate repetitive tasks. But make sure they are allowed on the Hypixel server to avoid any bans.
4. Investing:
  • Think of your in-game coins as startup capital. Always be on the lookout for opportunities where you can invest and get higher returns.
5. Physical Activity Breaks:
  • Please don’t play the game non-stop 15 hours every day, take regular breaks to play them. It’ll keep your mind refreshed.
6. Pet Leveling with Carrot Candies:
  • Use carrot candies effectively for pet leveling. It’s the lazy, yet most efficient way! With the new update the candy used will counter will be removed if the pet has gained more XP than the candy used! Don’t be afraid it will make the price of the pet lower
7. Mining:
  • For efficient mining in early game, Pickonimbus 2000 is one of the best early-game pickaxes. It helps in breaking more blocks, especially if you’re mining with pets. Remember, mining speed is essential, so always look to maximize it.
8. Guard Your Assets:
  • Given the potential for scams. Use unique, strong passwords for your accounts, and consider two-factor authentication and be careful with account pulling scams from Discord servers. Never send Microsoft code to people or discord bots!
9. Make friends:
  • Playing with more people is always fun! Join guilds, be active in forums, and collaborate with other players. Sharing resources and knowledge can lead to faster growth.
10. Keep an Eye Out for Updates:
  • Hypixel Skyblock is always evolving. Stay updated with the latest patches, especially major ones like the Rift update.
11. Plan for the Future:
  • Set in-game goals. Maybe it’s achieving a particular Slayer level, obtaining a rare item, or building an efficient farm. Your aim to start a business post-college reflects the importance of goal setting.

Enjoy the Game!!

  • Last but not least, remember to have fun!! Make friends and enrich your skyblock journey along the way 😀

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