Hypixel Skyblock dungeon healer class guide

Healers play a critical role in dungeons. While everyone else focuses on dealing with damage, a healer’s job is to keep everyone’s health up. This class is mostly valued in higher floors like M6.

(Other than M6, Healers are very disliked due to their clearing speed. You can refer to our Berserker / Archer guide)

Basic Items you will need:

Terminator: This is your primary clearing weapon. It’s essential for clearing Rooms and not getting kicked from the party in master mode.

  • Aspect of the Void: To move and dodge enemies. Preferably if you have the transmitter apply to it more easily
  • Wither cloak Sword: Perfect for taking on the shadow assassin. Also, pack an Ice Spray to freeze mini-bosses and a Stonk and Super Boom for doing secrets (do those or you will be kicked :D).
  • Wither Blade (Scylla with at least wither Shield): it’s your primary healing weapon. And currently, it’s the best in the game.

Armor Set:

  • Necron Armor: I’d suggest three parts of the Necron armor, paired with the Diamond Satan Head. If you’re like me and a bit tight on the budget, gold will do. Master Stars 3 at usually the minimum Master starts you need to put on the armour.
Hypixel skyblock diamond sadan head

Diamond Satan Head for EHP and damage in M6 catacomb

Pets are Crucial:

  • Jellyfish: Boost the effects of your dungeon potions by 50%, Great for crit chance and damage in general. Before the start of the run to boost the potion effect.
  • Golden Dragon or Jellyfish: A good secondary choice. Switch between them as the situation demands.
  • Ender Dragon: Gians a lot of EHP and damage

Strategy & Gameplay

  • During The Game: As a healer, you won’t be diving into the thick of battle. Instead, focus on clearing rooms, solving puzzles, and unveiling those secrets.
  • Positioning: Try not to get caught in the middle of big fights. Stay slightly behind your team, so you’re not the primary target but close enough to heal.
  • Boss Fights:
    • Head to the fire and use the healing circle by pressing shift.
    • Deploy a power orb (it doesn’t have to be the pricy plasma flux; overflux or monoflux will do).
    • Once you hit milestone three, step away from the fire.
    • In the boss’s second phase, position yourself at the third giant. Damage it, and wait for it to get unleashed.
    • During the last phase, aim your shots at Satan to deal damage.

– This is also a nice head for its price for lower catacomb floors!

I hope this skyblock healer class guide helped you! You can also join our discord here if you have any questions!

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