Hypixel skyblock Dungeon Archer class guide

Hypixel Skyblock is a popular game where players can experience an immersive RPG adventure in Minecraft. The Hypixel Skyblock Archer class is the most important class in dungeons, with the highest DPS making it a popular choice among players.

To play Hypixel Skyblock dungeon as an archer, it’s important to have high damage and good survivability. However, the archer class is considered the most expensive class to play with.

In this Hypixel Skyblock Archer guide, we’ll provide a general progression guide for archers from Floor 1 to Master Level 7, along with useful tips and gear recommendations to help players succeed in the game.

Here is a general progression guide for the Hypixel Skyblock Archer class:

  • F1-F3: Dragon armor, especially the Strong Dragon and Superior Dragon sets, works well up to Floor 3. Coupled with a Runaan’s Bow, you can clear rooms efficiently.
    (Around 2m cost for the set)
  • F4-F6: A Spirit Bow can be unlocked and used in Floor 4, and the Shadow Assassin set can be unlocked and used in Floor 5. Consider getting Enderman Slayer 5, either through skill or through carries. A Juju Shortbow will help with damage a lot. Frozen Blaze can be used if you have the money, a decent set costs around 50m without the pet.
  • F7: Once you unlock Necron Armor, use it unless you have Frozen Blaze, then stick with that. A Juju Shortbow is the minimum for this floor, even then, it is recommended to go for a Terminator, as the damage and clearing capabilities of it are far above the Juju Shortbow. A wither skeleton pet can be used in this floor.
  • M1: Your Floor 7 setup can be used here.
  • M3: A Terminator is a requirement at this point. If you don’t have enough money to get one, reconsider your class choices and choose a cheaper class. You can check out our berserker class guide here!
  • M5: You should have a Legendary Ender Dragon and a decent Terminator with at least 3 Master Stars applied,
  • M6: A Golden Dragon is mandatory if you want to be a good archer. If you’re using Frozen Blaze, either only use it for clearing or switch to Necron. A Frozen Blaze clearing set is cheaper than an Ender Dragon.
  • M7: Now, your armor should be maxed, with gemstones, At least 3 Master Stars, and Legion. Preferably, you would have 2 Terminators, both with at least 4 Master stars, one with Soul Eater and one with Duplex, for clearing and the boss fight respectively.


Hypixel skyblock archer special arrow

– Armorshred arrows are the best arrows for higher-tier Catacombs with the most damage.

Other replacements like ice-arrow is also good for slowing down mini-bosses, but deal overall lesser damage.


For each dungeon floor you are doing, Its the best to use the corresponding gold/diamond head for the specific floor as it gives the highest Damage and EHP

Dungeon Equipments:

Hypixel skyblock new dungeon cloak

– Skyblock Sep. 2023 update introduced Dungeonized Equipment to the game.

Dungonized equipment will dramatically boost your damage while in the catacomb. The Stats will scale up along with your catacomb level.

Some debates that High-level Dominance + Breeze combinations would deal more damage. But dungeonized equipment is still much more budget and suited for dungeons!

The Frozen Blaze vs Necron debate has been going on for a while in Hypixel Skyblock. Frozen Blaze gets buffed with every new armor upgrade, such as gemstones, new reforge stones, and fuming potato books. Frozen Blaze is better than Necron (with the same upgrades) if you are not using an Ender Dragon or Golden Dragon at any point in progression. Frozen Blaze surpasses Necron with Ender Dragon (in both EHP and damage) at around Catacombs level 42. Frozen Blaze will never surpass Necron with a Golden Dragon in damage, but the EHP of Frozen Blaze is what makes it so good in Master Mode.

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