Hypixel Skyblock Ultimate Minion Guide

Hypixel skyblock snow minion

Minions are resource-generating bots that would work even if you are offline. Think of them as little helpers who tirelessly gather materials for you on your island. Here’s a brief on how they work:

Crafting Minions: To get started with minions, you first need to craft one. This is done by combining a wooden tool with certain materials. Once crafted, you can place these minions on your island.

Once placed, they start working immediately, generating resources

Levels: Minions can be upgraded. The higher the level, the faster they work and the more storage they offer.

Minion Items:

Every minion has a GUI that lets you customize its performance.

Storages: These increase the storage space of your minion. They’re available in five levels and can be unlocked as you progress.

Fuels: Fuels boost your minion’s speed. There are 18 types, each with its duration and speed increment. Pro-tip: Enchanted charcoal is a good early-game fuel. It’s affordable and increases minion speed by 20% for 36 hours.

Autoshipping: This feature sells your items automatically when the minion’s storage fills up. Two autoshipping items are available – Budget Hopper and Enchanted Hopper. They sell items for 50% and 90% of the NPC price, respectively. If you’re going on a break, it’s an excellent feature to enable!

  1. Other Minion Upgrades
    Boost your minion’s performance with these additional upgrades:

Auto Smelter: Automatically smelts items, useful for iron and gold minions.

Compactor: Converts items into blocks when enough resources are available. Super handy for saving space!

Diamond and Potato Spreadings: Generates extra diamonds or potatoes, respectively, in addition to the regular items.

Flycatcher: A bit on the pricier side but boosts your minion speed by 20%.

Lesser Soulflow Engines: Produces raw soul flow, although it reduces the minion’s output.

Corrupt Soil: Used for minions that spawn mobs. The corrupted mobs drop sulfur anchor fragments which can fetch a good price.

General Tips

  • Unlocking More Minion Slots
    Initially, you can only place five minions on your island. However, you can upgrade this. Head over to the Skyblock hub and click on profile upgrades. Here, you can unlock more slots. The primary method is to craft unique minions, which means crafting different minions you’ve never made before.
  • Which Minions Are Best For Coins?
    It really depends on your budget. For beginners, lapis minions with diamond spreading and enchanted charcoal fuel are recommended. For intermediate players, tier level 11 slime minions with corrupt soil are fantastic. Late-game players can stick to slime or try out sheep or Eman minions.

I hope this Hypixel Skyblock Minion helped you out 😀
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