Hypixel skyblock Armor enchanting guide

Update on 4-5-2023

A Guide to Armor Enchantments in Hypixel Skyblock

Armor enchantments are an important part of Hypixel Skyblock that can enhance your stats and abilities. With so many options available, it can be confusing to know which ones to prioritize. In this guide, we’ll break down the essential enchantments that provide the highest utility and damage increase, as well as some other useful and optional ones to skip.

Essential Enchantments These enchantments provide the highest utility and damage increase and should be prioritized:

  • Critical V (LVL 7)
  • Cubism V (LVL 6)
  • Ender Slayer V (LVL 7)
  • Execute V (LVL 6)/ Prosecute V (LVL 6)
  • First Strike IV (LVL 5)/ Triple-strike V (LVL 5)
  • Giant Killer V (LVL 7)/ Titan Killer V (LVL 7)
  • Impaling III (LVL 3)
  • Lethality V (LVL 6)
  • Sharpness V (LVL 7)
  • Telekinesis I (LVL 1)

Other Good Enchantments These enchantments are also useful to have:

  • Cleave V (LVL 6)
  • Scavenger III (LVL 5)
  • Experience III (LVL 4)
  • Fire Aspect II (LVL 2)
  • Life Steal III (LVL 5)/ Syphon III (LVL 5)
  • Luck V (LVL 7)
  • Looting III (LVL 5)
  • Vampirism V (LVL 6)
  • Venomous V (LVL 6)

Optional Enchantments These enchantments have specific uses and are mostly cosmetic, so they can be skipped:

  • Smite V (LVL 7)/ Bane of Arthropods (LVL 7)
  • Dragon Hunter V (LVL 5)
  • Thunderlord V (LVL 6)/ Thunderbolt V (LVL 6)

Affordable, Useful, Ultimate Enchantments These ultimate enchantments are situation-specific and not recommended for new players:

  • Soul Eater V
  • Swarm V
  • One for All I
  • Ultimate Wise V
  • Ultimate Jerry

Do Not Use Enchantments These enchantments should be avoided:

  • Knockback II (LVL 2)
  • Combo V

Only for the Rich Enchantments These enchantments are only recommended for players with a lot of coins:

  • Vicious III (LVL 3)
  • Chimera V

In conclusion, armor enchantments are an important part of Hypixel Skyblock that can enhance your stats and abilities. Prioritizing the essential enchantments, followed by other useful ones, will help you get the most out of your armor. Remember to avoid the do not use of enchantments and only consider the only for the rich enchantments if you have a lot of coins. Happy enchanting!

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