Hypixel Skyblock Dungeon Berserker class guide

With the Berserker’s class work and Swing Range Update for long swords in the last dungeon update, the Berserker class has been greatly buffed with the new range abilities. In this guide, we will talk about the meta for Hypixel skyblock berserker class with the latest game update!

– Swing Range Update

Weapon progression:

Early Game:

  • Stick with basics: An Aspect of the Dragon (AotD) Should be able do make you survive Entrance – F3
  • Upgrade to your main weapon to starred Hyper Clever or Livid dagger for F4-F5
  • Consider Upgrading again to Flower of Truth (foT) or Bouquet of Lies (Upgraded version of foT) once you have gotten a Floor 6 completion.

Mid Game:

  • Felthorn Reaper is a great weapon in between Giant’s Sword with its high Damage And Crit Damage. Skip Juju unless you fancy some ranged action outside dungeons.
  • You could also upgrade it further to Giant’s Sword or Shadow Furry, But given its price, I would recommend staying with Felthorn Reaper for now.

Late Game:

  • A Dark Claymore is required for all Late game Berserker Setups, As it offers the Highest Damage overall stats. This sword is unlocked at catacomb 36 with Master floor 7 completion.
  • A terminator is also required for all late-game berserker class players. As it’s the main clearing weapon for master floors. Pure berserker set up without term is considered one of the slowest clearing speeds. (Usually kicked from parties)
  • Berserker class and archer class are very common to be switched around, You can also check out our Detailed archer guide here!
hypixel skyblock dark claymore

– Dark claymore (Best berserker class weapon)


  • Bouquet of Lies can slide in between Hyper Cleaver and Felthorn if your budget allows.
  • The Bone Reaver and Giant Cleaver are still under review regarding their place in the meta.
  • A Hyperion/Scylla/Wither blade weapon is also good for healing purposes.
Early Game:
  1. Glacite Armour:
    • Your starting armor due to its defense, and bonus for mining.
    • Approx. Cost: ~170k.
  2. Strong Dragon Armour:
    • Perfect for those advancing in combat and dungeon runs.
    • Full Set Cost: ~1.9m.
  3. Basic Dungeon armours:
    • Rotton armor
    • Heavy armor
    • Dungeon armors are relevantly much cheaper and provide you with a lot more buffs in dungeons due to their dungeonized abilities!
Mid Game:

Superior Dragon/Shadow Assassin:

  • Both have their own good and bad. Superior has all-around stat boost, but the price can be very expensive for a lot of the players. Shadow Assassin, especially with a Zombie Knight chestplate, can be a very budget option alternative. However, Once you can, upgrade Shadow Assassin (SA) set with Chestplate do offers stronger stats than full set Superior Dragon armor
  • Superior Set Cost: 14-20m
  • Shadow assassin with Zombie Knight Chestplate (4-5m)
  • Full set Shadow assassin (22-25m)
Hypixel skyblock shadow assassin chestplate price

– Shadow assassin chestplate price as of Oct. 2023

Late game:

Necron armor:

  • Once you have reached floor 7 and above (Master floors), Necron armor will become your only option for this class. You can choose to Opt for Maxor boots over Necron boots for extra speed. And always use the Gold/Diamond head for the floor you are doing. Floor specific head offers you the highest Damage and EHP overall

Extra Tips:

  • If you are playing Master floor, Do invest in a ranged weapon like Terminator or Juju
  • Clearing speed is a lot of reasons why berserker class is disliked, It is better if you focus more on Sercret finding, Solving puzzles and traps
  • Berserkers can also act as the replacement for Tanks on some floors, Make sure you have a Jingle Bell.

Hypixel skyblock dungeon bersker class update

The berserk range update is really cool! Hope this Hypixel skyblock Dungeon Berserker class guide helped you! If you need more help, Join our discord here!
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