Hypixel Skyblock Ultimate F7 Dungeon guide

F7 is considered one of the most profitable money-making methods, Specifically after the prices for Scrolls have been dramatically increased. In this guide, We will provide you with the most updated to-date (oct. 2023) Hypixel skyblock Floor 7 Dungeon Guide with party set-ups and dungeon set-ups!

Optimal Class Composition:

  1. Fastest Party: 1 archer, 4 hype mages.
  2. Regular Party: 1 archer, 3 hype mages, 1 tank.

Berserkers: They have recently buffed with good clearing ability with Range and attack cone update. Still, hype mages still hold the highest clearing speed with just the right spamming. You can check out our berserker guide here!

Class Equipment:

  1. Archer: Preferably use a terminator for the boss phase, ‘Juju’ is an alternative. Any other bows should not be considered for this floor.
  2. Berserker: Similar to Archer. A melee weapon like ‘Giant Sword’ or ‘Claymore’ is recommended for clearing.
  3. Mage: Hyperion is crucial for mages. Without one, consider playing another class.
  4. Tank: Have a clear set like ‘Necron’ or ‘Storm.’ ‘Goldor’ can be used, but isn’t essential.

Utility Items:

  • ‘Bonzo Staff’ and ‘Jerry-chine Gun’ for mobility and getting crystals.
  • ‘Spirit Leaps/Infinileap’ and ‘Superbooms/Infinityboom TNT.’
  • ‘Stonk’ or an ‘Efficiency 10 Pickaxe’ (Diamond preferred, to Cheese Creeper Puzzle).
  • ‘Ice Spray Wand,’ ‘Wither Cloak Sword,’ ‘Jingle Bells,’ ‘Gyrokinetic Wand.’
  • ‘Rancher’s Boots,’ ‘Bonzo Mask,’ ‘Rabbit Hat.’
hypixel skyblock Eff 10 diamond pickaxe

– Eff 10 Diamond pickaxes used for cheese Creeper Puzzle

Crystals: If there’s a lack of mages, berserkers take on the crystals. ‘Jerrychine Gun’ or the ‘Bonzo Staff’ strategy can be used to collect them. This Youtube video is very helpful!

Maxor Phase: Archer or tank should aggro Maxor. Adjust the attack strategy based on Maxor’s vulnerability to lasers and the time mages take to get crystals.

Pre-Storm and Storm Phase: After defeating Maxor, you’ll face Storm’s lightning attacks. Shelter under a pillar during the Lightning countdown. Before the Lightning, focus on pinning Storm under a pillar for opportunities to stun the boss.

Terminals: Once all are completed, Goldor will slowly move into the tunnel. Archers should do DPS while mages hide behind the pillars.

Necron: Once in the Necron phase, Archer and Mage should spam their weapons for the most DPS. Use the mid-section and maintain a safe distance during Necron’s ability.

Predev: Though not crucial in f7, it helps in mastering the floor. This includes clipping through the floor in phase 1, accessing lights and arrows in stages 2 and 3, and moving through terminal sections.

Hope this guide helped you! If you have more questions Join our Discord here!

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