Hypixel skyblock Trials of Fire guide

Hypixel skyblock Trials of Fire is a quest that rewards players with a Talisman. Located in the Dark Oak area of The Park, each level of the question deals with an increasing amount of True Damage. Surviving requires a blend of health, true defense, and timely healing. In this guide, we will explain the latest update on how to complete the Trial of Fire quest!

Get your free legendary talisman 😀

Before you start this quest, Make sure you are at least Wolf Slayer 4 to unlock the very important armor we will be using for this quest. You can check out our Wolf Slayer guide here!

Mastiff armor is a major requirement to complete this guide

Make sure you have put Growth 5 and Reforge it to Fierce.

While Fierce Reforge doesn’t give you more HP by itself. The armor’s unique Full set Bonus lets you gain 50 extra HP per Crit Damage. Which would dramatically increase your overall health.

To boost this perk even more, You would also want to hold a weapon such as Livid dagger (Weapons with high Crit Damage) and pets such as the Enderman, Tiger, Lion, or Ender Dragon To increase your overall health.

To absolutely push it to the max, You would also want to set your Magical power to mostly Crit Damage and use Powerstones such as Hurtful or Shaded. The goal is to have as much Crit Damage as possible!

Other healings:

– Wither Cloak sword can make you survive 5 seconds of burning without consuming any Health ❤

– Healing orbs will increase your basic HP regen but it will not be very effective due only healing back around 1% of the health

– The Zombie Floyn sword is a perfect healing option for this quest as it heals your health point by percentage!

Hypixel skyblock Campfire talisman

I hope this Skyblock trials of fire guide helped you 😀

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