Hypixel Skyblock Ultimate Guide to the Mayor Diana Mythological Event

Welcome to the ultimate guide to the Mythological Event in SkyBlock, Diana recently became the mayor of Hypixel SkyBlock, bringing with her the mythological ritual event. It had been some time since the last event, causing the prices for her items to skyrocket.

Mythological Event in SkyBlock is a special event when Mayor Diana is elected, where players use an Ancestral Spade to search for burrows, fighting or looting whatever is hidden within them. With the top drops like Chimera book, Shelmet, making it one of the best money making method in the game

Diana event spade

– Ancestral Spade

  1. Obtaining the Ancestral Spade and Griffin Pet The Ancestral Spade and Griffin Pet are essential items for participating in the Mythological Event. They can be purchased from Diana when she is mayor. The Ancestral Spade costs 5,000 coins and 32 iron ingots, while the Griffin Pet is priced at 25,000 coins.
  2. Different Levels of Difficulty: Common to Epic Griffin The Mythological Event offers varying levels of difficulty and rewards depending on your equipped Griffin Pet’s rarity. In this section, we will discuss the mobs, equipment, utilities, and loot associated with each level of difficulty – Common, Uncommon, Rare, and Epic Griffin.

Depending on your preference, there are two ways to go about it:

  • Melee Route: Full Crimson or Necron armor and a dwarf Turtle Shelmet. Warden helmet is also good for dealing a lot of damage.
  • Mage Route: Full Aurora or Storm set with wither goggles.

Cost varies with the melee setup being more affordable (around 300 million coins) and the mage setup more on the pricier side due to the high cost of Hyperion (around 2 billion coins).

Additional items:

  • Aspect of the Void, Overflux, and Wand of Atonement for healing.
  • Griffin pet with dwarf Turtle Shelmet for bonuses.

– Legendary Griffin Pet

To make finding the way point easier, You could also use the SBE/Skytile way point finder option to quickly teleport to the next location. Dramaticly speeding up your speed of digging dirt!

I would recommend trying the Diana event. As it’s one of the most entertaining and profiting activity to do in the game.

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