Hypixel SkyBlock Bingo 2023 Tips and Tricks

SkyBlock Bingo is a popular event in Hypixel SkyBlock that requires players to complete various objectives in order to progress. Bingos are great for making money from finishing up the card and trading Bingo talismans.

Easy SkyBlock Bingo Strategy

Recommended Minion Slots: 7-10

The only minions you will need for this bingo are Fishing Minions, which you should upgrade as you collect fish from them. You can likely finish this with fewer than 10 minion slots, but it might be cutting it close. For Potato Collector and Potatorific, you should farm potatoes on The Garden, as minions are not worth it for this. For Carry-On, Cow Minions are unnecessary as it only requires 250 leather.

Reinforced Reforge:
  • Mine diamonds at the Diamond Reserve.
  • Aim for 1 to 0.2% chance.
Seven Collections to Tier Seven:
  • Go for easy collections: Einstein, obsidian, mushroom, potato, oak, sand, and wheat.
  • Use Jerry candy or Sentry cake when Jerry becomes the mayor.
  • Alternatively, buy the dirt bottle for +3 ferocity. Use on an uncommon item, like a diamond sword.
Mushroom Collection:
  • Head to the Mushroom Desert.
  • Harvest with a silk touch ax.
Large Storage:
  • Join the Bingo Bros Discord (link in the description).
  • Use their splashes to get haste four.
Potato Collection:
  • Farm potatoes in your garden.
  • Use the advanced gardening hoe from Sky Mart.
Crit Damage:
  • Get a God Splash.
  • You start with 50 crit damage. The splash gives an extra 50.
Obsidian Collection:
  • Head to the End.
  • Mine obsidian blocks with particles.
  • Aim for dark oak or jungle wood in the park.
  • Or opt for Oakwood in the hub.
Unique Minions:
  • Craft various minions. It’s straightforward!
  • Get a 250 score in Floor 2 or above.
  • You need combat 15, entrance, floor one completion, and Cat level three.
Unique Accessories:
  • Gather various talismans. Check the pinned comment for a complete list!
Golden Goblin:
  • Acquire from goblin eggs.
  • Kill goblins in Crystal Hollows or check the Bingo Bros Discord for coordinates.
  • Hold a Raider’s ax.
  • Get a splash from the Bingo Bros and equip your Bingo pet.
Diamond Spreading:
  • Visit the Divine Mine.
  • You’ll also need Jungle Wood Collection 4 for vines.

I hope this skyblock bingo guide helped you! But do note that for every bingo event skyblock host, the individual tasks are different. Make sure to read each bingo card carefully for specific requirements!

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