Hypixel skyblock Garden Tips/guide

Hypixel Skyblock is a popular game mode in Minecraft that challenges players to build and expand their own islands. With the latest game update Garden becomes the crucial aspect of the game, where players can grow various crops and create their own farming empire. In this guide, we will provide the latest guide on how to design the most compact garden possible and take a deep look into the Tools, Pets, and Armor for farming!

Why use the garden? With the latest game update, Skyblock Admins have disabled farming fortune on the private island, Making it extremely inefficient for money making in general.

Clearing out a plot:

In order to start building your own farms on the plot, it needs to be cleaned first. Sam’s Scythe or a Garden Scythe can be used to break plants faster with its 3×3 destroy area. Once it cleared, the player can paste it to a preset and begin building on the farm

Farming gears:

New players:

  • Armor: Go for the Farm Armor. Requires weed collection level 9. materials cost at the bazaar for roughly 235,000 coins.
  • Pet: Get an Epic Rabbit for farming wisdom. Doesn’t give more crops, but helps level up farming faster. Price tag? Around 340,000 coins at the auction house.

Low Tier:

Accessories: Purchase the Lotus Belt, Lotus Necklace, and Lotus Bracelet. Either from Skymart for copper or the auction house for about 2 million coins.

  • Pet: An Epic Mushroom is a good option. Priced around 4.3 million coins.
  • Armor: Upgrade to Melon Armor, if you’ve hit farming level 25. Requires a budget of 7 million coins.
  • Hoe: Get the best hoe for your crops. The best crops for farming XP are mushrooms, but if you’re after cash, aim for nether warts. Depending on your crop choice, the hoe can cost between 3 to 4 million coins.
  • Pet Accessory: The Yellow Bandana will boost your farming fortune by 30. Cost for about 2.5 million coins.
  • Armor Reforge: Buy the SkyMart Brochure four times for armor. All four stones together for about 2.8 million coins.


  • Armor: A full set of Crappie Armor is on the list. This will set you cost you around 18 to 20 million coins.
  • Hoe: Start farming cocoa with a Cocoa Chopper. 3 million coins for the tool and an additional 9 million for reforges and enchantments.
  • Pet: Switch to a Legendary Elephant for about 22 million coins.
  • Cloak: Lotus Cloak. for around 4.3 million coins.

High tier:

  • Armor: Aim for the Fermental set (Helmet, Plate, Leggings, and Rancher Boots). It has a farming level 40 requirement and costs about over 100 million coins on average.
  • Pet Accessory: Upgrade to a Green Bandana. Priced at 26 million coins.
  • Hoe: For maximum profit, set up a nether ward farm. The hoe’s price will vary, but ensure it’s upgraded properly.
  • Talisman: The Fermento Artifact is a must. It costs 52 million coins but boosts your farming fortune for every crop.

Building the farm:

It is essential to understand that each plot is 96×96 blocks.

Wheat, Carrot, and Potato can be stacked up to 5 layers per plot if placed correctly, and 3 layers on a 96×96 plot is infinite. Sugar Cane, on the other hand, can only be stacked up to 2 layers per plot, and 3 layers on a 96×96 plot is infinite. Cocoa Beans require only 1 layer on a 96×96 plot, which is already enough for an infinite farm. Mushroom farms can be built up to 3 layers on a 96×96 plot, but it is recommended to follow a specific design for optimal results.

Pumpkin and Melon farms have various design options, but the most effective one involves a full row of water at 240 speed, which requires 4 layers on a 96×96 plot. This design provides approximately 10% higher yield than a vertical pumpkin farm. However, if you prefer the vertical design, you can stack up to 3 layers per plot, which is enough for an infinite farm loop.

Calculating the number of plots needed for an infinite farm loop involves considering the effective walk speed of the player, the growth speed multiplier for different crops, and the number of plots used in a row. The formula is as follows:

T = c÷g÷(p×96÷(4.327×s÷100))

Where T is the total number of rows required for an infinite farm loop, c is the chart x-axis position in seconds, g is the garden growth multiplier over default Minecraft, p is the number of plots used in a row, and s is the player’s walk speed stat in Skyblock.

It is crucial to note that this formula assumes that crop growth speed is six times Minecraft default for all crops. However, this may not be entirely accurate, and the formula can be adjusted to substitute a crop growth multiplier that is more accurate or as developers add growth bonuses to Garden levels in the future.

In conclusion, understanding how to design the most compact garden and how many plots are required for an infinite farm loop is vital for creating a thriving farming empire in Hypixel Skyblock. By following the information provided in this guide, you can efficiently grow various crops and maximize your yields.

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