Hypixel Skyblock Dungeon Tank Class Guide

The Tank class is known for its defensive capabilities, yet it’s underutilized in the current dungeon meta​. It becomes crucial in later floors In F7, M5, M6, M7 absorbing a significant portion of the team’s damage​​. As a Tank, you gain defensive abilities and bonuses. This guide will cover skyblock tank class gear progression and general tips!

hypixel skyblock dungeon hub

Set-up Recommandation:

  • Early Floors (F1-F4):
    • Armor: Start with Strong or Superior Dragon armor paired with a Fierce Bonzo Mask.
    • Weapons: Zombie Soldier Cutlass for its high attack speed, transitioning to an Adaptive Blade for its defensive bonuses and Seismic Smash ability.
  • Mid Floors (F5-F7):
    • Armor: Transition to a Fierce Adaptive set for better Effective Health Points (EHP), and consider getting the Necromancer Lord armor for Floor 7.
    • Weapons: Stick with the Adaptive Blade or consider upgrading to a Silent Death or a Livid Dagger for better damage and survivability.
  • Master Floors (M1-M7):
    • Armor: Necromancer Lord armor is a solid choice, and the Goldor’s armor is also a viable option for higher master floors.
    • Weapons: Silent Death or a Livid Dagger remain solid choices, with the possibility of upgrading to a Hyperion or a Valkyrie for better damage output and survivability.
  • Pets:
    • Early to Mid Floors: A Tiger or an Ender Dragon pet for damage, transitioning to a Blue Whale, Turtle, or Bee Pet for better tanking capabilities in later floors.
    • Master Floors: Stick with tanking pets like the Blue Whale or Turtle for increased survivability.

Strategy for Main Tank floors (F7, M5):

Floor 7:
  1. Aggro Management: Engage enemies first, keeping their focus on you. During the boss phase, always keep Necron on you. Use the Jingle Bell ability to argo the Boss.
  2. Positioning: Stay between enemies and teammates to shield them.
  3. Healing: Use healing orbs/florids regularly to sustain health.
Master Floor 5:
  1. Boss Phase:
    • Stand in the outer circle of the center block, Aggro the undead to keep them focused on you, allowing the team to DPS Livid​.
  2. Positioning:
    • Use “Castle of Stone” when livids spawn, then move back down, utilizing life-stealing to stay alive. This helps in getting Livid stuck in the portal for a quicker kill​​.
  3. Bossfight Strategies:
    • Two approaches: one where the team positions in the stands, aiding in survival while DPSing Livids; the other where the team descends to the arena’s middle, ice-sprays the Livids, and kills the right Livid, more suited for late-game players​
      (You could use Skytil Mod Livid finder option to locate it fast.)

Progression Tips:

  • Grinding: Grind each floor until you reach a comfortable catacombs level and have acquired the recommended gear for the next floor.
  • Team Composition: Coordinate with your team, ensuring a balanced composition of different classes to tackle the dungeons more effectively.
  • Reforges and Enchantments: Opt for reforges and enchantments that boost your defense, health, and damage output to become a more effective tank.
  • Extra: Tank class is know for its slow clearing speed, You can consider switching to other floors when playing non F7/M5, You can check out our Berserker guide and Archer guide here!

Mastering Your Role:

As a Tank, Having a good amount of defense while providing solid damage output is key. Engage in dungeons, learn the mechanics, and continuously upgrade your gear.

I hope this Skyblock tank class guide helped you!
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