Hypixel Skyblock Rift Guide

Ever felt like taking a break from the usual Skyblock grind and diving into something unknown? Hypixel’s got this cool place called the Rift Dimension. It’s a whole new world with its own set of rules. This guide will give you a basic guide on hypixel skyblock rift dimension and how it works!

Hypixel skyblock rift portal

Getting into Rift Dimension

So, to get into the Rift, head over to the Wizard Tower on Hub Island. You’ll need to buy a Dimensional Infusion from the Wizard NPC (right next to the portal). It costs either 200 Bits or 32 Grand Experience Bottles. Once you’ve got that, jump into the Wizard Portal, and bam, you’re in the Rift Dimension​​.

First Steps in the Rift

Once you’re in, you’ll meet Barry. Listen to what he’s got to say as he’ll help you get started. Time’s ticking though, so move fast. And don’t worry about taking a leap off high places, Fall damage is disabled in Rift Dimension.

Skyblock Rift Damage and Rift Time

In the Rift, you’ve got two new stats to keep an eye on.

  • Rift Damage: This is how much hurt you can dish out to the baddies here. You start with a base damage of 20, but grab some items and you can pump those numbers up​.
  • Rift Time: This is how long you can hang out in the Rift before getting booted back to the Hub. You start with 8 minutes. When the clock hits the last 10 seconds, you’ll get a heads-up that it’s time to go​.

Transfer item between Rift Dimension

  • Rift Transfer Chest: Got stuff you want to move between the Rift and the regular world? Once you get the Stability Elixir to a guy named Inverted Sirius, you can use the Rift Transfer Chests to shuttle items back and forth​.

Understanding the Basics:

  1. Starting Out:
    • The adventure in the Rift Dimension begins with Barry. Listen to his advice as you’re on a time crunch. If needed, also engage with Elise. Once you’re ready, take a leap – don’t worry, there’s no fall damage in this dimension​​.
  2. Gear Up:
    • Getting your hands on the Wyld gear is a smart move. For the sword, visit the Threebrothers at specified coordinates, and for the armor pieces, check out Argofay Traffickers. These items will cost you motes and Shy Cruxes​​.
  3. Crux Talisman:
    • This is a neat item that you can upgrade multiple times. It starts with the Shy Talisman and goes up from there with various Cruxes. The more you upgrade it, the more Rift Time and Crux Fortune you get, which is super handy for surviving in the Rift​

I hope this Skyblock Rift guide helped you out!
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