Hypixel Skyblock lowballing guide

Lowballing in skyblock is considered one of the most aggressive money making methods, with a bit of luck, You can gain well over 100mil+ coins per hour with a good amount of coins to start with. In this guide, We will talk about the most common Lowballing methods in the game and how you can achieve that!

Hypixel skyblock image of a bank

Get Ready to Lowball:

Before you jump into the lowballing, you need to be prepared. Here’s a checklist:

  1. Starting coins: It’s recommended to have at least 150 million coins, The more coins you have the easier and more profitable the lowballing will be.
  2. HP and Appearance: Getting about 1000 base HP and appearing professional (say, with a Blue Whale pet) can help avoid scams.
  3. Game Knowledge: Having around 500 hours of playtime will ensure you know the in-game meta, and item values, and are familiar with the Hypixel Skyblock economy.
  4. Mods: Using mods like NEU and Skytils can help you quickly find similar items and check the lowest BIN (Buy It Now) prices.

The Lowballing Procedure:

  1. Creating the Message: Your initial message should grab attention. A common format is something like ---> [!] LOWBALLING with 200m ./visit me (No Skins, No Farming Items, No Minions) [!] <---. Adjust the message to suit your style and indicate your budget.
  2. Finding Customers: Spam your message in any hub with more than 40 players. When people visit your island, engage in trade with them. Offer a price that’s 5-10% less than the lowest similar item, then negotiate to a fair offer.
  3. Sell The Loot: After acquiring items, sell them just below the lowest similar item on BIN, watch your bank grow as the items sell!

Tips and Good Practices:

  1. Avoid Scamming: Lowballing is not scamming. Ensure you’re not scammed and respect the community.
  2. Trade META Items: Stick to trading META items as they sell well. Examples include Shadow Assassin Armour, Necron Armour, and Warden Helmets among others​
  3. Be Kind: Being kind can make people more willing to accept lowball offers.
  4. Manage Your Time: Kick people from your island if they start wasting your time​

Items to Trade:

  1. Good Picks: Necron Armour, Shadow Assassin Armour, Warden Helmets, and items with stable prices of more than 25 million coins are good choices for lowballing.
  2. Avoid Trading: Pets, Skins, Furniture, Farming Items, and Minions are usually bad items to trade​​.

Lowballing in Skyblock also takes a lot of effort and it’s usually luck based! You never know when you will be rewarded with a good deal. But this is the fun of it! Good luck and I hope this Skyblock lowballing guide helped you out!

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