Hypixel Skyblock Crimson Isle Mage Faction Guide

The Crimson Isle update introduced the two major factions on the island, the Mage and barbarian factions. While barbarian focuses on melee attacks the mage faction focuses more on mana usage and magical damage. This Mage Faction guide will give you an idea of how to progress mage faction on Crimson Isle.

Hypixel skyblock mage faction Crimson Isle

Joining the Mage Faction:

  • Initial Steps: The Mage Faction is one of two factions on Crimson Isle, its essence contrasting that of the Barbarian Faction. To join, venture to Scarleton and engage with Elle, providing the requested items. Further interactions with NPCs around Scarleton will seal your entry into the Mage Faction​.

Location and Leadership:

  • The Mage Faction is located on the right side of the Crimson Isle, under the leadership of Queen Nyx. Besides having its own Bank, Auction House, and Bazaar, you can also find a local Blacksmith, Alwin (Attribute upgrade NPC). The area is patrolled by Guards Attacking players from barbarian factions.

Early Progression Steps:

  • Upon choosing the Mage Faction, Elle will hand you a Maddox Batphone. Presenting this to the Dean (at coordinates -16, 123, -882) will give you a Letter of Recommendation, allowing access to the second floor of the community center where Queen Nyx will officially welcome you to the Mage Faction​.

Earning Faction Reputation:

  • Daily Quests: Complete these daily for a steady reputation gain.
  • Mini Boss: Earn 20 reputation points daily by downing each miniboss – Bladesoul, Ashfang, Outlaw, and Duke X.
  • Training Sessions: Engage with Rollim/Kaus daily to earn 25 reputation points per session​

Team Dynamics in Kuudra:

  • Form a team with a blend of mages and at least one archer for effective combat. Initially, focus cannon fire on Kuudra, then shift to clearing mobs as they spawn. Acquire tokens from mob kills to upgrade your abilities for a more potent offense against Kuudra​​.

I hope this Skyblock Mage Faction guide helped you!
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