Hypixel Skyblock Basic Tier Kuudra Guide

Basic Tier Kuudra is the first Crimson Isle Kuudra boss a player will face after finishing Mage or Barbarian faction storyline. Upon completing the basic tier Kuudra you will have the chance to open chests with Kuudra key, Which might contain items with Rare Attribute combinations and potentially make hundreds of millions!

Hypixel skyblock kuudra skull, entrence to the crimson isle boss fight

Recommended Team Composition:

  • It’s recommended to have a team of 4 players for the Kuudra fight, with a suggested composition of 1 tank, 1-2 cannon, and 1-2 hyperion mages​.

Gear and Setup:

  1. Weapons: Yeti Sword, Midas Staff, or a Wither Blade are recommended for dealing with mobs. A cheaper alternative would be a soul whip with a high swarm level​.
  2. Armor: Three main setups are suggested:
    • Mage setup: using Storm Armor with Wither Goggles or Aurora Armor.
    • Necron Armor with a Tarantula/Warden Helmet and a soul whip.
    • Terror Armor with a Juju Shortbow or a Terminator for clearing mobs quickly​​.
  3. Pets:
    • For mages: a sheep pet for damage or a blue whale for EHP.
    • For berserkers and archers: DPS pets like Golden Dragon, Ender Dragon, Tiger, and Wither Skeleton, or Baby Yeti/Blue Whale for EHP​​.
  4. Healing Items: A wand of atonement or restoration and a florid zombie sword are vital for survival. A reaper mask can also be used for additional healing​​.

Strategies During the Boss Fight:

  1. Fighting mobs: During the fight, mobs will swarm you, especially while you are on the cannons shooting Kuudra. It’s recommended to use Area of Effect (AOE) weapons to handle the mobs, with the Yeti Sword, Midas Staff, or a Wither Blade being good options​.
  2. Killing tentacles: Initially, you’ll need to shoot at the four tentacles of Kuudra using cannons to earn tokens, which can be used to purchase cannons and personal upgrades at the shop​​.
  3. Handling mana bombs: Later in the fight, mana bombs will spawn around the islands, and you need to spend mana next to them to disable them. It’s easier to do this using a healing item like a wand or an aspect of the end/void while looking at the ground​​.
  4. Loot chests: after completing the boss phase, you will have the option to choose one of the two loot chests, Within them, there are unique attribute shards that contain different values. You can checkout our skyblock attribute shard guide for more detailed info!

Basic Tier Kuudra does not unlock any new attribute upon completing it, however, starting from tier two and above. You will unlock more unique and more powerful attributes when completing those Tiers!

I hope this basic tier Kuudra guide helped you!
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