Hypixel Skyblock Early Game Combat Skill guide

Are you a new player who recently got into hypixel skyblock but is struggling to level up the combat skill? This guide will talk about ways and strategies you can level up your skyblock combat skill fast! (Early Game Strategies)

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Early Combat Levels (1-12/16):

  • Start in the Deep Caverns, specifically the Pigman Den and Obsidian Sanctuary. These areas offer good XP, and you should aim to one-tap mobs for efficiency​​.
  • Utilize weapons like the Silver Fang and Aspect of The End for their speed and damage, which will help in one-tapping mobs. The Silver Fang can cost about 10 to 20k coins, while Aspect of The End ranges from 150k to 200k coins​​.
  • It’s important to grind to level 16 as it allows you to equip dragon armor, which is crucial for beginners to mid-game players​​.

Mid Combat Levels (12/16-22/26):

  • After reaching level 12 or 16, move on to grinding Zealots. Recommended gear includes Enderman armor or any dragon armor. This method not only gives massive XP gains but also lets you earn a significant amount of coins – around 600k to 4 million an hour​​.
  • Continue this method until around level 22, as XP gains will start to decrease beyond this point. However, you can continue up to level 26 if you wish to keep earning money​​.

Advanced Combat Levels (22+):

  • Begin working on Slayer quests, focusing on Revenants. Work your way up to killing Tier 3 Revenants in under a minute. This is one of the best methods for leveling up combat, especially when you reach higher levels and can start doing Floor 6 dungeons or killing ghosts in the Dwarven Mines​.
  • Aim to reach combat level 30 through this method. Mid-game grinding can involve tackling tier 5 enemies, and it’s a significant step up if you can handle these efficiently​​.

Gear and Items:

  • Consider acquiring a Legendary Wolf pet if you can afford it, as it provides a 30% increase in XP​​.
  • God potions and cookies can also boost your combat XP gain. God potions cost about 350 Bits or 400k to 500k coins, while cookies, which give 20% of every XP, cost around 2 million each for four days​.
  • Hunter Ring and Talisman can also increase XP gain, though they are quite expensive​​.

I hope this Skyblock combat skill guide for early player helped you!
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