Gain Fishing XP Fast In Hypixel Skyblock

Gaining fishing experience quickly in Hypixel Skyblock can be achieved through various methods. Here are some of the most effective strategies:

  1. Lava Fishing: Fishing in the Magma Fields, known as lava fishing, is considered one of the best ways to gain fishing XP outside of special events​​.
  2. Fishing Minions: Using Tier 11 fishing minions with hyper catalysts, fly catchers, and a level 100 Squid Pet can significantly boost your XP gain. This setup can yield approximately 449.28k XP per day. However, it’s important to note that while this method is fast, it’s not very cost-efficient​​.
  3. Fishing in the Spider’s Den and Ghost Island: This method is highly effective, potentially offering around 100k XP per hour, especially with favorable rain RNG​​.
  4. Squid Pet + Shredder + Fish Bait During Rain: Using a Squid pet along with a Shredder and Fish Bait during rain is a highly efficient combination. It’s advised to avoid fishing in the park due to the high number of squids there​​. Additionally, the Shredder is said to already hit the speed cap of 5 seconds without fish bait, and using spiked bait is better as the sea creatures give a lot of XP​​.
  5. Chum and Bucket Strategy: A more unconventional method involves buying chum and buckets, filling the buckets with chum, and then selling them. This can yield about 5k XP in 5 minutes, making it a good option for early-game players or those looking for a quick and simple method​​.
  6. Using a Single Fishing Minion in the Early Game: Even for beginners, placing at least one fishing minion is beneficial for gaining access to better fishing rods and important collections like clownfish collection for sacks. This approach can easily surpass 1k fishing XP per minute with moderate gear​​.

The best strategy depends on your current level and resources. For those with the capability to invest in minions and high-level gear, methods like lava fishing and minion setups are highly effective. For players in the early stages or those looking for less resource-intensive methods, strategies like fishing in specific locations (Spider’s Den, Ghost Island) or the chum and bucket technique offer good XP gains.

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