How to get Kuudra Keys in Hypixel SkyBlock

Kuudra Keys are essential for making Money with Kuudra in Hypixel Skyblock.

What are Kuudra Keys?

The Kuudra Key is an Item that has a 10% Chance to drop from Minibosses. Alternatively it can be bought at the Faction´s Shop NPCs on the Crimson Isle. They are located in Scarleton and in Dragontail. In Order to unlock Kuudra Keys you need to gain reputation. At 1.000 Reputation you unlock the Basic Kuudra Key, which can be bought for 200.000 Coins, 2 Enchanted Red Sand or Enchanted Mycelium and 2 Nether Stars. But how do you actually get Nether Stars?

How to get Nether Stars?

You can spawn Vanquishers by killing Enemy´s on the Crimson Isle. It has a base chance of 1/640. The Vanquisher drops 3x Nether Stars for the Person who spawned it. It can be Loot shared by an infinite amount of Players as long as the Lootshare Requirements are met.

Loot sharing a Vanquisher gives 1 Nether Star. After 640 Mobs without a Vanquisher your chance is 2x. At 960 mobs without Vanquisher it is 3x and at 1,280 Mobs it is 4x.

Most efficient way to get Nether Stars

The most efficient way is to grind Flares, which are located in the Magma Chamber on the Crimson Isle. They have 5 Million HP and deal a large amount of Damage. They are the most efficient way to Farm Vanquishers, since they spawn at a fixed location and don’t move. They can be killed efficiently by using your Wither Impact at the Spawn Location and using a Weapon like the Aspect of the End or Aspect of the Void to move around in a circle. To conserve the most mana, you should use the Attributes Mana Regeneration and Breeze. By doing this you can spawn Vanquishers in the most efficient way possible.

Other ways to get Nether Stars

  1. Burning Desert

You can also kill the Enemy´s in the Burning Desert to spawn Vanquishers for Nether Stars.

To kill these you either spam your Wither Impact Weapon to kill the Burning Spiders and Magma Cube Riders. Alternatively you can also kill them with a Midas Staff. It is recommended to use a total of 30+ Mana Regeneration Levels, so you can use your weapon of choice as much as possible.

  1. Magma Cubes

At last you can kill the Magma Cubes in the Crimson Fields. They can easily be killed by using a Shortbow and wearing Terror Armor. This way you also gain Magma Chunks, which can be crafted into Searing Stones for profit.

How to maximize Vanquisher Spawn Rate

There are multiple ways to permanently increase the Vanquisher Rate.

  1. [Lvl 100] Kuudra Pet 1.1x common, 1.15x Uncommon, 1.2x Epic
  2. Wither Piper Perk 1.1x
  3. Enderman Slayer IX Perk 1.15x 

This totals to a permanent Spawn chance of 1/391.68.

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