Hypixel Skyblock Spooky Festival Guide

The Spooky Festival in Hypixel Skyblock is a regular event from Autumn 29th to 31st in Skyblock time. It’s an excellent opportunity for players to earn significant coins and experience. Players have the opportunity to collect candies, compete for high scores, and earn coin rewards.

skyblock spooky festival guide

Event Timing and Basics

  • The Spooky Festival occurs from Autumn 29th to 31st in Skyblock time, roughly every 5 days and 4 hours in real-time, with times changing between various hours (UTC)​​.
  • During the event, spooky mobs spawn, and all mobs drop candies when defeated. Trick or Treat chests also spawn, with a 1% chance from normal mobs and 3% from spooky mobs​​.
  • The goal is to collect as many candies as possible, competing against the entire player base. Green candies are worth 1 point, and purple candies are worth 5 points​​.
  • Spooky Mobs Spawns at graveyards at the hub (where it topically spawns zombies). Note that only hub with over 50+ players spawns them


  • Armor: Full bat person armor with necrotic/candied reforge and Wisdom V. Witch mask is also recommended.
  • Weapons: AOE weapons like Spirit scepter, Bonzo staff, or Glacial Scythe. A Pumpkin Launcher with at least 2000 rounds is crucial.
  • Pet: A Bat Pet (Epic) is highly recommended.
  • Accessories: Candy Relic or Artifact, Lucky/Eternal Hoof, and as much Magical Power as possible with sighted or bizarre reforge. Spooky Sack is also essential for additional storage​​​​.
  • You can also buy a bat firework at the hub to summon a bat that will spawn a lot of candies around them, killing them will award you with a purple candy


  1. Nighttime Farming:
    • Go to a specific hill in the Spider’s Den (-261 94 -277) just before the event starts and use a Pumpkin Launcher on the spooky mobs.
    • At 6 am (in-game time), switch to killing spiders in the big cave, and then return to the hill at 7 pm​​.
  2. Daytime Farming:
    • Farm Wolves in the Ruins during the day. It’s advisable to buy a Travel Scroll to the Hub Castle for quicker movement between locations​​.
  3. Optimal Locations and Techniques:
    • Prepare by finding an empty hub lobby about 15 minutes before the event.
    • Group up skeletons efficiently using Jingle Bells and maintain a strategic distance to manage their aggro.
    • For the Hub strategy, focus on Night Respawning Skeletons and Wolves, which is considered the most consistent for high scores​​.

Tips from SkyHea

  • Summon Skeleton horse boss and kill them will give you a lot of scores
  • For a new player, Running around the hub and collect candies is very profitable
  • Don’t bazaar sell your loot instantly, wait a few days, and the price will increase higher giving you more profit

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