Hypixel Skyblock How to Maximize Mining Fortune?

In Hypixel Skyblock, Mining Fortune is a big part of the game. For all mining related money making methods in the game, the more mining fortune you have, the more money you make.

skyblock mining fortune guide

Mining Fortune Mechanics

Mining Fortune is a stat that grants the player a chance to obtain additional drops from every ore mined. It is applied when breaking specific blocks like Coal Ore, Iron Ore, Gold Ore, Lapis Lazuli Ore, Redstone Ore, Emerald Ore, Diamond Ore, Nether Quartz Ore, Dwarven Gold, Mithril, Titanium, and Gemstone​​.

  • Calculating Drops: The formula for the amount of ores received when breaking an ore is: (100% + (Mining Fortune * 1%)). For example, with 150 Mining Fortune, the player would have a guaranteed chance to get 2x drops and a 50% chance to get 3x drops​​.

Armor Upgrades and Sets:

  • Sorrow Armor: This set offers a substantial increase in Mining Fortune, particularly when combined with jade gemstones and the Jaderald reforge. The full set can provide an additional +120 Fortune​​.
  • Divan’s Armor: Divan’s Armor is a superior choice, offering +150 Fortune with the full set. Utilizing gemstone chambers and jaderald reforges enhances the set’s efficiency​​.
  • Specialized Sets: For gemstone mining, a combination of 3/4ths sa armor with a superior chestplate, all recombed with jaderald reforge and fine/flawless/perfect topaz gemstones is recommended. However, for other types of mining, Divan or Sorrow armors are more effective​​​​.
  • For more Early Game players, You can also look into cheaper armor like Glacite Armor Set
  • Glacite Armor Set, Usually Under 150k For full set


  • Cheap: For players with a limited budget, the refined titan drill is a good starting point.
  • Mid: The t2 ruby drill or 355 offers a balance between cost and effectiveness.
  • Good: For those who can invest more, the gauntlet with good gems or the 655 drill are the top choices​​.

General Tips to Increase Mining Fortune:

  • Upgrade Armor: Better armor generally leads to higher Mining Fortune.
  • Increase Mithril Powder and Mining Level: Both contribute significantly to improving Mining Fortune.
  • Use an Efficient Drill: A better drill equates to higher Mining Fortune.
  • Front Loaded Perk: This perk offers +100 Mining Speed and Fortune for the first 2500 ores you mine, making it a good choice for casual miners​​​​​​.

Accessories and Pet Items:

  • Mineral Talisman, Jungle Amulet, and Artifacts of Power: These accessories can provide additional Mining Fortune, with varying costs and efficiencies.
  • Pets: Pets like Scatha and Bal, especially at higher rarities, can contribute significantly to increasing Mining Fortune.
  • Pet Items: Quick Claw is a notable item for boosting Mining Fortune.

Enchantments and Gemstones:

  • Fortune Enchantments: Upgrading your tools with Fortune enchantments is a straightforward way to increase Mining Fortune.
  • Gemstones: Upgrading your jade gemstones in your armor and tools can provide a substantial boost to Mining Fortune.

Tips from SkyHea:

  • God Potion: This potion can provide an additional +25 Fortune.
  • Free Methods: Eating century cake, upgrading HOTM perks, using the Sky Mall perk, and increasing your Mining Level all contribute to your Mining Fortune without any cost.

Maximizing Mining Fortune in Hypixel Skyblock is about investing in the right equipment and balancing your mining speed. Having a lot of Fortune won’t make the greatest change without maintaining your mining speed.

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