Hypixel Skyblock Mining Fiesta Event Guide

The Mining Fiesta in Hypixel Skyblock is an in-game event that occurs twice a year, it lasts for 31 SkyBlock days, equivalent to 10 hours and 20 minutes in real-time. This event is only activated when certain mayors like Cole, Foxy, or Jerry with specific perks are elected​​.

Skyblock Mine

Ore Collection

During the Mining Fiesta, players receive a +75 Mining Wisdom, double drops, and can obtain Refined Minerals from mining ores. For every 5,000 ores mined, players gain +1 SkyBlock XP, capped at 1,000,000 ores for a total of 200 SkyBlock XP​​.

Mining Locations
  1. Crystal Hollows: Offers a slower pace with about 250 ores per minute.
  2. Dwarven Mines: Using mineral armor and mining on the bridge outside the Royal Palace yields approximately 400 ores per minute.
  3. Cobblestone Generator on Private Island: The most efficient method, producing 1,000 cobblestones per minute. This can be further optimized using the Efficient Miner perk from the Heart of the Mountain, potentially increasing the yield to 1,400 ores per minute​​.


To make the most out of the Mining Fiesta, you use use your best mining that that gives the most mining speed, Don’t forget to put basic enchants if you are using a Pickaxes Like

  • Pickonibus 2000

Mining Fiesta Dates

The events begin on the 1st of Early Summer and the 1st of Early Autumn in SkyBlock time, each lasting 16 days or 5 hours and 20 minutes in real time. You can use your skyblock Calendar for the exact time when there is one coming up

Skyblock Calendar
  • Calendar in Skyblock Menu

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