Hypixel Skyblock Dark Auction Guide

The Dark Auction in Hypixel Skyblock is an event where players can bid on some of the game’s rarest items. This events allow players to buy some of the most powerful items and Talismans in the game.

skyblock dark auction

Accessing the Dark Auction

  1. Timing: The Dark Auction occurs every three in-game days, translating to every hour in real life. It starts five minutes before each hour, representing midnight in the SkyBlock realm​​.
  2. Meeting Sirius: To enter the auction, you must find an NPC named Sirius, who appears near a house south of the wilderness at the scheduled times. He can be identified by a unique sound signaling his arrival​​.
  3. Entry Requirements:
    • Wealth: Players need a significant sum of money to enter. The exact amount varies but is always substantial​​.
    • Frequency and Location: The event occurs every three SkyBlock days, equivalent to every hour in real-time. Sirius, an NPC, appears near a house south of the wilderness to grant access​​.

How Does the Dark Auction Work?

  • Venue: The auction is conducted in an underground hall, accessible after entering the house where Sirius is located​​.
  • Auction Mechanics: Four exclusive items are auctioned in each session. The auction begins with a 5-second viewing period for each item, followed by a bidding process through a graphical user interface (GUI) with preset bid increments. The initial bidding timer is 20 seconds, resetting to 10 seconds if a bid is placed in the last 10 seconds​​.

Items Featured at Dark Auction:

  • Item Pool: The auction features items like the Spirit Mask, Midas’ Sword, Ender Artifact, and various pets, each with specific chances of appearing. For example, the Midas’ Sword has a 9.753% chance, while the Legendary Turtle Pet has a 2.438% chance​​.
  • Book Pool: Books such as Protection VI, Sharpness VI, and Growth VI are also available, each with a 16.67% chance of appearing​​.

Tips from SkyHea

  1. Financial Preparation: Carry at least 10 million coins for effective participation. This increases your chances of buying and subsequently flipping items for profit​​.
  2. Market Awareness: Be aware of the current market prices for auction items. Avoid overbidding and focus on items with stable or appreciable value for flipping​​.
  3. Trading vs. Auctioning: Consider selling acquired items via trades instead of auctions to avoid the auction tax and maximize profit​​.
  4. Emotional Control and Budgeting: Set a clear budget for bidding and adhere to it to avoid overspending due to the competitive and fast-paced nature of the auction​​.

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