Hypixel Skyblock How To Maximize Farming Fortune?

Farming Fortune is a very important factor in Hypixel Skyblock. The higher you get, the more profitable farming will be as a money-making method, as well as gaining more numbers during the Jacob farming contest!

Skyblock farming fortune

Early Game Strategy

  • Initial Steps: Begin by farming wheat in the hub or other crops on the Farming Islands. Aim to reach Farming level 10 and Wheat Milestone 3.
  • Equipment: Get Farm Armor, granting +40 Farming Fortune for a full set, and an Epic Rabbit Pet for additional Farming Wisdom​​.

Farming Fortune Explained

  • Drop Increase Formula: The formula to calculate the increase in drops due to Farming Fortune is: Base drop amount * ((farming fortune/100) + 1). This formula determines how much your crop yield increases based on your Farming Fortune level.
  • Example Calculation: If a player has 150 Farming Fortune, they get 2.5 times the normal drops. In practical terms, this means the player is guaranteed to get double the normal drop amount, and there’s a 50% chance of getting triple drops. This significantly enhances the output from each farming activity
  • Application: It applies to various crops like wheat, potato, carrot, pumpkin, melon block, and all skyblock crops​​. However, It only apply at Garden with the latest update


  • Skyblock Level 5: Talk to Sam at Garden, starting with wheat as your crop. Use Euclid’s Wheat Hoe for harvesting.
  • Visitor Milestones: Serve Visitors in the Garden for rewards like Farming Exp and Copper, crucial for purchasing items like Lotus equipment, which boosts Farming Fortune.
  • Melon Armor Set: At Farming Level 25, Buy this set for a significant Farming Fortune increase​​.


  • Cropie Armor Set: Unlocked at Farming 30, this set increases Farming Fortune and chances to obtain Squash, useful for crafting Squash Armor set.
  • Fermento Armor Set: At Farming 40, this set significantly boosts Farming Fortune and combines the bonuses of previous armor sets. Pair it with a Legendary Elephant pet for further enhancement​​. This is the best farming armor right now.

Increasing Farming Fortune

  • Farming Skill: Level up your Farming skill for a substantial Farming Fortune increase.
  • Garden Upgrades: U[grade the Garden Farming Fortune and Crop Upgrades, spending gems and Copper respectively for additional Farming Fortune.
  • Equipment: Obtain items like the Hoe of Greater Tilling and Farming Cap from Anita’s shop, pivotal for end-game farmers​​​​.

Best Practices

  • Sugar Cane Farming: It’s highly recommended for leveling up farming, especially with a cane hoe and prismapump.
  • Hub Hopping: A technique useful for farming wheat or cactus, especially on ironman profiles​​.

Tips from SkyHea

  • Beware of Negative Sources: Avoid using the Pig Pet, as it reduces Farming Fortune and Farming Exp gains by 75% when riding​​.
  • Regular Updates: Stay updated with the latest patches and changes in Hypixel Skyblock for optimal farming strategies.

I hope this Skyblock Maximum Farming fortune guide helped you out! You can also join our discord here for a Free 25mil giveaway!

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