Hypixel Skyblock Jacob’s Farming Contests Guide

Jacob’s Farming Contests occur every three SkyBlock days, presenting a 20-minute window for players to farm selected crops and compete with others. To participate, players must have reached at least Farming X and conversed with Jacob once​​​

jocab farming test guide

Contest Structure

  • Crops: Three crops are randomly selected for each contest.
  • Objective: Increase your collection of the designated crop within the 20-minute window.
  • Medals: Competitors vie for bronze, silver, and gold medals, each offering escalating rewards​​​​.


  • Minion Limitation: Crops planted by minions don’t count, emphasizing active player involvement and strategy​​.
  • Entry Requirement: Harvest a minimum of 100 of the event’s designated crop to qualify for rewards​​.


  • Specialized Tools: Use tools like the Wheat Hoe with Turbo Wheat 5 enchantment, Replenish, Harvesting 5, and Cultivating for optimal performance​​.
  • Supportive Pets: A high-level Elephant Pet significantly boosts farming efficiency​​.
  • Anita’s Shop: Offers vital items like the InfiniDirt™ Wand, Prismapump, and various hoes for different crops​​.

Tips + Strategies

  • Large Farms: Invest in large farms for significant returns. Use tools like the Hoe of Greater Tilling, Prismapumps, and Magical Water Bucket for farm preparation and optimal hydration​​.
  • Crop-Specific Tactics:
    • Pumpkins and Melons: Farm at an angle to break two blocks simultaneously, and protect stems from trampling. Use tools like Pumpkin/Melon Dicer and a Personal Compactor for conversion to enchanted forms​​.
    • Potatoes and Carrots: Farm these in the Garden on a layer with gaps of water. Utilize the Pythagorean Potato Hoe/Gauss Carrot Hoe for best results​​.
    • Cocoa Beans: Farm at an angle from a 3-block high Jungle Wood wall, breaking multiple beans per second. Use a Cocoa Chopper and Personal Compactor for conversion to enchanted forms​​.
    • Mushrooms: Plant in “H” shaped rows for optimal spread. Use a Fungi Cutter and Personal Compactor for conversion to enchanted forms​​.

In conclusion, winning gold in Jacob’s Farming Contests is about combining the right tools, efficient farming techniques, and maximized farming fortune. Good luck

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