Hypixel Skyblock Bits guide

Bits in Hypixel Skyblock are a special currency used to unlock exclusive items and benefits. The primary way to earn bits is through the consumption of a Booster Cookie. Upon first login, players receive a free Booster Cookie. Subsequent cookies can be purchased, and their effects can overlap, allowing players to increase their bit limit strategically. Every 30 minutes, players earn 250 bits, continuing for 10 hours of idle playtime. The savvy player can stack cookies to amplify their bit limit and ensure a constant influx of this currency.

Leveling Up Bits Rank

To level up your Bits rank, you need to increase your Fame rank, as the two are interconnected. As your Fame rank goes up, you’ll earn more Bits and Election Votes. The most recent update introduced different Fame Ranks with specific requirements in terms of gems spent, IRL costs, and playtime. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Settler: 20k requirement, 100 gems, 67 hours playtime
  • Citizen: 80k requirement, 400 gems, 242 hours playtime
  • Contributor: 200k requirement, 1000 gems, 555 hours playtime
  • Statesperson: 20m requirement, 100000 gems, 33333 hours playtime

Each rank offers a different bit multiplier, enhancing the number of bits earned during the Booster Cookie’s effect.

Maximizing Profit When Converting Bits to Coin

Converting bits to coins effectively requires understanding the current market values of items in the Bits Shop. Since prices change on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, it’s challenging to specify which items are the most profitable at any given time. A recommended approach is to use a website or Discord bot that calculates and updates values in real time

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